Embrace National Cat Day With These 38 Hilarious GIFs Of Cats Being Cats

Why do we own cats? It's not because we love cleaning up hairballs, scooping litter boxes, and having our feet attacked. It's because they provide love, comfort, and some of the funniest unexpected antics we've ever seen. Happily, thanks to modern technology, many of these moments have been captured on video and turned into funny cat GIFs that we can all relate to.

Do a search for good cat GIFs (come on, you know you want to), and you'll find an endless supply of cute, wry, or downright side-splitting examples. Sometimes, it's just the cat's expression that says it all: surprised, supremely bored, or thoroughly ticked-off. Other GIFs capture kittens doing acrobatics (and, sometimes, their imperfect landings), or cats bravely fighting off such adversaries as dogs, chickens, and feather toys. I personally love the unexpectedly sweet cat GIFs that show our feline friends snuggling with babies, giving a kneading massage to a littermate, or just contentedly enjoying a snooze (even if it is in a pumpkin). Since we've all seen our cats doing similar stunts, watching these mini-videos brings the thrill of recognition as well as the realization: OMG, other people's cats do that, too?

These cat GIFs are some of the best examples of the genre, and they're barely scratching the surface of all that's out there. Watch, enjoy, and be sure to share them in your next social media post.

Oh Nooooooo

Even our cats can't bear the thought that it's Monday again.

Going For A Spin

Where there are kittens, there's curiosity. And when there's kitten curiosity, there are "JAAAAAANE! Get me off this crazy thing!" moments.

Workout Time

This fluffball made me laugh till I coughed. Running, running, running...uh, nope.

I Get All The Cute Chicks

Who's happier here? The chicks with the snuggly companion, the cat who's just chilling, or us watching this heart-melting moment?

Going For A Walk

"I told you my bowl was empty." Seems some humans don't get the hint.

Happy Birthday

Bet you've never tried to blow out your candles this way.

Writer Cat

Otherwise known as me at deadline time for an article or school lesson plan. Except that my useless cat refuses to help me write anything. She just sits on my lap and does the purr thing. Yeah, yeah, you're irresistible. But would it kill you to come up with a witty opening paragraph?

Look At My Tail

Hey, if you had a tail like this, wouldn't you do the same?

Swiffer Kitties

Whatever dust the mop doesn't pick up, the fur does. Brilliant!

Cat Slide

Whee! Do it again, Mommy! (Now be honest: You're looking for a box lid for your own cat right now, aren't you?)

Step AWAY From The Money

I don't blame you one bit, kitty.

Resist The Dark Side

Cat fighting off dogs: good. Cat with CGI lightsabers: better.

If It Fits, I Sits

That look, tho. "I don't see anything odd about this. I'm quite comfortable, thank you ever so much."

Frenchie Vs. Cat

Hard to say who's going to win the struggle here, but I'm thinking the Frenchie is gonna have to find a new nap spot tonight.

Ferocious Lion

This is either very effective Method acting, or else someone isn't feeling the Halloween spirit.

Cat Pirate

Now that's a cat who knows how to do Halloween. Yarr... time to make the puppies walk the plank.


A good GIF for checking in on a FB friend you haven't heard from in a while.

Cat And Mouse

How to entertain and frustrate a kitten simultaneously: Show them a moving mouse on a laptop screen. (Nice backflip kick, kitty!)

Cat Loves Rat

Maybe that kitten from the last GIF should take a lesson from these two unlikely pals. If they can get along, why can't the rest of us?

Yogurt Head

Cats are masters at snacking on the go, not to mention maintaining their dignity while having a yogurt cup stuck on their noses.

Brain Freeze

Nom nom nom nom nom — YAAAAAAA! I howl at this one every time.

Laser Kitty

I used to have a cat that would swat at the light reflecting off my watch if I pointed it at the wall. This cat goes it one better.


Wouldn't you love to know what this puss is looking at? Come to think of it, this is kind of like me trying to get my kids' attention if they're on their cells.

Bored Birthday Cat

I send this one to friends who try to ignore their birthdays. They're just about as thrilled as this cat is.

Cat Box

Some cats like hiding in boxes. This guy takes it to the next level.

The Claaaawwww

Ooh! Oooh! I want one of those!

Patient Pussycat

Don't you feel like this sometimes when your kids are crawling all over you?


For all of us who've sat down on a lumpy blanket or comforter and had to jump right back up again.

Getting A Drink

This fur baby puts that whole "cats hate water" stereotype to rest.

Destruction Kitty

This is why many of us cat owners shut the bathroom door before leaving the house.

Mine! No, Mine!

Cats or kids, it's all the same: Sharing is hard to do.

New Cat Toy

Ever hear a "poinggg" noise and didn't know where it was coming from? Mystery solved.

Touchy Fishy

Nope. That fishy gonna get touched no matter what. K?

Who's Tickling Me?

Another case where the captions add the perfect finishing touch.

Cat Stylist

My cat loves to lick my arm or hand until the top layer of skin is rubbed off. This ginger prefers to go a little farther north.

Sneak Attack

It seems cruel to laugh at this one, but heaven help me, I do. Every. Time.

Someone Save Me!

Most of us would love being surrounded by all this puppy cuteness. This cat...not so much.

Cat Massage

And finally, because you're probably exhausted from laughing, it's time to mellow out with the ultimate relaxation technique.