39 Tweets About TTC That You'll Feel Like An Ovulation Pang

Whether you're trying to conceive (TTC), have just conceived, or have ever conceived a baby at some point in your life, everyone can agree — it's not always easy. You don't even have to be going as far as peeing on ovulation sticks or timing sex (guilty) to know the panic of TTC. The thing about trying to get pregnant is that it's nothing like your high school sex ed class taught you and these tweets about TTC prove it. Seriously, who knew trying to have a baby would be such an ordeal?

My husband and I have been trying to get pregnant for around 10 months and the allure of making a baby and the excitement over breaking out that first month's pregnancy test is long gone — now we just want a baby. The fun factor is slowly disappearing and TBH, looking at each other and saying, "We probably need to have sex tonight" isn't the most romantic thing we've ever done. But it wasn't always this way. Before we officially started trying for our second child, I bought a box of ovulation tests through Amazon, started up my cycle app to track my periods and our sex life, and promised myself I wasn't going to get too worked up. You know what they say, right? "The minute you relax, you'll get pregnant."

OK. But who the F can relax when you're trying to bring new life into the world? I immediately became obsessed and it took a few months for the incessant tracking and peeing on things to turn into, "OMG how long is this going to take?" And honestly, I think my husband feels the same way.

The really important news is that we're not alone. All over the world, couples (and plenty of single by choice parents) are trying to get pregnant and finding it way harder than your high school football coach told you in 30 minutes of sex ed a week. Turns out, you really only have a 12 to 24-hour window of when your egg can be fertilized each week, noted the American Pregnancy Association. While sperm can live inside your body for several days, giving you a fertile window of five to seven days, it's still not a ton of time. Even in a best case scenario, there's only a 25 percent chance of you getting knocked up each month. You guys, those are some small odds.

But even anxiety aside about how long it takes, getting pregnant is still a huge ordeal and can leave you feeling all kinds of ways. Twitter agrees.

That Moment When You Realize Getting Pregnant Isn't Just About Unprotected Sex

Seriously, there are few things worse than the realization that getting pregnant is more than just one night sans condom for most people. For the lucky few who get pregnant on the first try, this obviously doesn't apply to you, but let's face it — patience is hard, especially when you just want a baby.

Charting, BBT, Tracking Your Cycle, & Basically Becoming A Biologist

Seriously, do you ever feel more like a scientist than when you're TTC? I was never a big science nerd in school, but dude, watching ovulation tests and trying to check cervical mucus for peak fertility? This is cool as hell.

When Everyone Around You Is "Accidentally" Getting Pregnant

There are few things more upsetting than hearing, "We weren't even trying!" or "I can't believe we're pregnant already!" Of course you want to be happy for your friends and family members, but let's be honest — it stings when you're trying.

When You Start Playing The "IS THAT A LINE????" Game

Seriously, if you haven't taken a picture of a pregnancy test on your phone and turned it to black and white or played with the contrast so you could see more of a line, then have you really even tried to get pregnant?

When You Hit That Two Week Wait

It's the best and worst time of your cycle. You're not in control — all you can do is wait for your period or a positive pregnancy test. But that means lots of obsessing over phantom symptoms, convincing yourself those period cramps are implantation, and trying desperately not to pee on any tests before it's time.

When People Just Really Feel Like It's Necessary For Them To Give You Advice

I mean, if someone says green tea worked to get pregnant, I guess you're willing to try, but if everyone could stop telling you to "relax," that'd be great.

You're Willing To Try Anything

Whether it's chugging green tea before ovulation, taking Mucinex to help your cervical mucus, or eating all the pineapple for implantation, there's a chance you've tried some trick while trying to conceive? Does it work? Who knows, but at least you can feel your best during that two week wait.

Seriously, TTC is the ultimate mind game. It's exciting, it's terrifying, and it's a huge letdown for many people. No matter where you are in your journey to have a baby, get some support. There's nothing like others going through the same thing to help you and make you feel better.

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