4 Baby Groot Costumes For Babies, Because He's The Cutest Guardian Of The Galaxy

Originally, I looked forward to watching Guardians of the Galaxy for two reasons: because I'm a big fan of Chris Pratt, and also because I tend to favor Marvel movies that focus heavily on the comedic aspects within the action. Baby Groot, however, took me by surprise and quickly became one of my favorite parts of the movie instead. So what better way to celebrate Halloween than with Baby Groot costumes for babies? And if you haven't considered this as a costume idea yet, you've come to the right place, because it will melt your heart.

If you're familiar with the film, you know that Baby Groot could be the last remaining member of the Flora Colossi and joins forces with Rocket Raccoon. Although Groot sacrifices himself often for the Guardians of the Galaxy team, he's able to regrow, hence Baby Groot's appearances. His signature sentence is "I am Groot," which just makes Baby Groot even more adorable.

So if you're a big fan of the Guardian of the Galaxy movies, comics, or just think Baby Groot is downright cute, there are a few different ways you can get his look for your baby's Halloween costume. Check out some creative Baby Groot costume ideas here.


Simple Baby Groot

For a simplistic, fun Baby Groot costume, mix and match brown clothing items and a brown hat with any type of greenery to accessorize on the outfit. Additionally, you can find a cozy, full-body, brown one-piece like these Hi-Loft Fleece Coveralls ($50, L.L.Bean) and use green pipe cleaners ($1, Michaels) to twist around the arms and legs of the costume while also working them into the hat or hood of the outfit. Especially if you plan to have a low-key Halloween, this is a quick, simple costume to run with, and as a plus, you can continue using the brown clothing items for outfits post-holiday.


Potted Plant Groot

In my opinion, the cutest version of Baby Groot is the potted version. To achieve this look, you can compile quite a few simple, cheap items and get an adorable baby Groot outcome. First, find or purchase a brown onesie like this L'ovedbaby Unisex Baby Bodysuit ($18, Amazon) and brown pants ($16, Kohl's). Next, grab a small, plastic, white flower pot ($11, Walmart) and sticky velcro like this Sticky Back for Fabrics Tape ($7, Michaels). Place a piece of the sticky part of the velcro tape to your baby's socks and another piece on the inside of the plastic flower pot. You can then velcro your baby's socks and feet to the inside of the white flower pot to get the Groot potted look for Halloween. To finish off the costume, find a brown beanie like this Wisdom From Above Crochet Hat ($6, Etsy) and decorate the top of it with real or fake green leaves ($2, Hobby Lobby).


Groot Hat

Another great option is to DIY the bulk of Baby Groot's costume into a hat for your infant, and then choose whatever brown pants and shirt, dress, or swaddle to accompany as the body. To create Groot's face on a beanie like this Okrosh Brown Baby Hat ($22, Etsy), find two black buttons ($2, Hobby Lobby) to sew, glue, or stick onto the hat as eyes. Next, grab a black pipe cleaner ($1, Michaels) to weave into the hat as Groot's mouth. For the final touches, work in some green mesh ribbon to the top of the hat ($11, Amazon). You can also wrap some of the mesh ribbon into the brown outfit of your choice if you're feeling extra creative.


"I Am Groot" Onesie

If you don't really want to go to the trouble of an all-out costume, there are plenty of adorable, printed onesies to lean on this October. Find a shirt or onesie, like this Leopard Vinyl Designs Long Sleeve Bodysuit ($13, Etsy), that will take the effort out of putting together a costume but still give you the adorable Baby Groot look.

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