4 Easy Wonder Woman Costumes For Every Kind Of Hero

With the release of Wonder Woman earlier this year, chances are you won't be the only one choosing the iconic hero as your costume for Halloween. As great as she is, you still don't want to be dressed exactly like every other Wonder Woman on the blog. Luckily there are several easy Wonder Woman costumes that aren't identical to the versions you'll find in stores (and, consequently, on every other Wonder Woman on the block).

Creating your own costume, no matter how complicated or simple, ensures that your look will be unique, even if the subject of your costume isn't. These costumes are all of the one and only Wonder Woman, but each features a different look, style, or type of the many sides of the character.

Are you hoping for a cozy night in this Halloween but still want to dress up? There's a Wonder Woman costume for that. Are you pregnant and feeling a bit un-heroic? Put on some leggings and a crown to bring out your inner hero. Whether you want to go with the classic Wonder Woman suit or one of her other outfits, it's surprisingly simple to dress up as everyone's favorite feminist — and frankly, badass — superhero.


The Classic Wonder Woman

This is the classic Wonder Woman look that anyone can recognize and pull off. If you want an easy to recreate, sexy, powerful costume this year, this is it. To start, you'll need a top similar to Gal Gadot's from the film. Although you'll be hard pressed to find one as badass as the one she wears, you can buy Wonder Woman corsets ($35, Hot Topic) and tanks that will rival the original.

From there, you'll need her skirt ($25, Spirit Halloween), a crown and wristbands ($26, Etsy), and of course, some kind of footwear. Lace up gladiator sandals ($35, Target) or high boots may be your best bet.


Beach Battle Wonder Woman


A less common but just as awesome option is to dress up as Wonder Woman before she technically became a hero. Diana learns of the power of her own people and, consequently, this pre-Wonder Woman costume is equally as impressive as the one everyone knows and loves. To start, you'll need a tan tube top or tank ($40, Urban Outfitters), and a tan skirt ($47, Lulu's). You can wrap a brown belt ($18, H&M) or strip of fabric around your chest and add a pair of wrist cuffs ($20, Amazon) or tan gloves and the look is complete.


Comfy Wonder Woman

If you'd rather dress up, but stay as comfy as possible and greet the trick-or-treaters in style, going for a cozy Wonder Woman look is just as acceptable. All you need is a pair of blue leggings ($8, Open Sky) and a red Wonder Woman tee or tank ($10, Etsy).


Pregnant Wonder Woman

Whether you can find an actual maternity specific costume or not, you shouldn't feel like any less of a super hero. You can turn a red shirt ($15, Old Navy), some blue leggings ($25, Pink Blush Maternity) and Wonder Woman accessories ($26, Etsy) into the perfect pregnant Wonder Woman get up.

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