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Single? Use These 4 Emojis On Snapchat

In what can only be explained as a last-ditch effort to make 2016 fun again, Snapchat has a new game. No, it's not an update or featured content of any kind: This game is self-perpetuated, and kind of secret. Basically, it necessitates using different fruit emojis that correspond to various relationship statuses. So which Snapchat emojis let people know you're single, and why are there so many options?

Started on Christmas by teenagers who most likely were looking for something entertaining to do after having been cooped up with family for too long, the emoji code was established to, apparently, confuse guys, the blog Wojdylo reported. A Reddit thread on Snapchat fruits confirms this, with one writer sharing: "All the girls on their story have put fruits such as 'blueberry' and 'pineapple' but none of us boys can work out what they mean... Anyone else noticing this?" I guess it really is "the year of realizing stuff."

If you post a cherry (signifying that your in a relationship) or lemon (indicating that you want to be single), then this article's not meant for you. It's meant, instead, for people who've swiped through Tinder to the point where the app has had to break the news that there are no more available users in their area. It's for the Instagrammers seeking love in their DMs and setting thirst traps each and every #SelfieSunday. Here's a little breakdown of what emojis you should use on Snapchat to make your intentions abundantly clear.

Also, an important distinction? Some of these "labels" don't have a corresponding emoji, in which case you'd be expected to type out the fruit's name. I know what you're thinking: Best game ever, let's start playing it immediately.

Blueberry? Single

If you're flying solo and have no qualms about hiding it, then it's blueberry for you. Maybe you'll find a match in another blueberry, or maybe even a banana (stay tuned)!

Pineapple? It's Complicated

If the holidays have left you heartbroken or confused, then a pineapple's the way you'll want to go. Lingering feelings for an ex? Post a pineapple. "We were on a break?" Definitely pineapple.

Raspberry? Doesn't Want To Commit

Raspberry: Bad news for your crush, but a fine place to be in if you're not ready to settle. It's definitely the most bold and, well, savage way to take the emoji game, but, hey, at least you're being honest?

Banana? Can't Find The Right Person

Honestly, the banana is a bit more sad than your run-of-the-mill blueberry. I feel for you, banana, I really do. The obvious optimal choice for a banana is another banana, and isn't that the point of the game? To find someone with a compatible status? One can only hope.