These Fingerling-Inspired Costumes Will Be A Total Hit This Halloween

If you haven't heard of them yet, I'd be surprised, but Fingerlings are apparently the new, hot toy of the year. They are little toys — a monkey, unicorn, and sloth — that attach to your kid's finger and does cool interactive things, like move and make sounds. Naturally, little ones are obsessed, so you may now find yourself in the market for Fingerling costumes for kids this Halloween. You'll probably also notice that you'll have to get a little creative with putting together their costume. Luckily, you've come to the right place to find out how to pull it off.

There are a few different elements you'll need to pull off a successful Fingerling-inspired costume: an animal costume to replicate the actual toy, and a prop index finger. The good thing is that with a little resourcefulness a.k.a. some fun online (or in-store) shopping, and some very minor DIY-ing, you should be able to execute the costume flawlessly this Halloween. Parents and kids alike will get the look you're going for, especially since it's a current obsession and moms and dads have probably already started trying to snag a Fingerling for Christmas this year.

So if your kid is obsessed with Fingerlings, or you just think it would be an adorable costume idea this Halloween, check out some of the ways listed here to execute a cute, colorful Fingerling look.


Baby Fingerling Monkey

If you want to dress your baby up as a cute Fingerling for Halloween, you can do it with a couple quick finds. First, locate a monkey costume for your baby similar to this Baby Mischievous Monkey Costume ($30, Spirit Halloween). You can even go to a colorful monkey costume or colorful sweats with a tail for one of the many colors of Fingerlings. If you want to get really creative, find a foam finger like this No. 1 Foam Finger ($9, Amazon) as a finger prop for the monkey costume — you'll just need the index finger. It will really set it apart from being just a simple monkey costume and define it as Fingerling.


Kids Fingerling Monkey

For your toddler or kids, there are some fun, simple ways to put together a Fingerling costume too. Dress them in one color from head-to-toe by combining pants, sweats, and a shirt or find a one-piece footie pajamas outfit ($23, Walmart) – and use it as the monkey costume. DIY a monkey tail and ears from a matching color fabric or order one online to attach to the outfit. In order to add in the finger for the full Fingerling effect, find a long cardboard box, cut out a strip in the shape of a finger, and draw on a nail and knuckle crease lines. They can hold this all night, or you can glue it to their outfit.


Unicorn Fingerling

Don't forget there's also a unicorn version of Fingerlings. You can go for adorable crocheted accessories ($28, Etsy) for babies and add in the aforementioned foam finger or make one out of cardboard for the Fingerling look. Or you can go for a more big-kid like costume too.

Put together a fun, sparkly costume of your own, with a unicorn headband and tail, or you can grab this Deluxe Rainbow Unicorn Costume ($25, Target). Then, use the cardboard box idea to cut out a finger and draw on the features for the complete Fingerling toy look.


Sloth Fingerling

You can also be the sloth version of a Fingerling this Halloween. If you're as obsessed with sloths as Kirsten Bell, that's probably the route you should go.

You can actually find a sloth costume pretty easily online or in stores, like this Adult Sloth Kigurumi Pajama Costume ($48-$58, Amazon) pictured above. Next, DIY a finger prop for the costume as well, and after you're finished, enjoy a slow, relaxed Halloween, just as a sloth.

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