4 Kim Kardashian Parenting Quotes That Prove She's Ready For Baby #2

We do not cut Kim Kardashian a whole lot of slack, but Kim's thoughts and quotes about parenting should earn her some respect and admiration. We raise our eyebrows because her every move is documented for us to judge. But seriously, who can judge any mom? Every mom simply does the best they can, and Kim is no different. Throughout this second pregnancy, right up to the Dec. 8 birth of her baby boy, she was super transparent and vulnerable on her own website, blogging consistently about the ups and downs of being pregnant and waiting for baby number two.

And it was a difficult nine-plus month. Following a difficult first pregnancy, which gave the world North West, Kim took extra precautions this time around, which included schedule a C-section for Christmas day. But that didn't ensure an easy journey. In late November, Kim revealed her baby was breech, which then required an external cephalic version to turn the baby to a head-down position.

Even prior to this second pregnancy, Kim as bee open and honest about the high and lows of labor, as well as motherhood. Remember when she complained that she actually hated being pregnant? What mom-to-be hasn't has that thought at least once? Her honesty really is a testament to how cool AF she can be, and that despite the complaints, she truly loves her kids and growing her little family. She can even be pretty inspiring (yes, really) if only because she’s open and willing to admit that no one is perfect.

Learning As You Go

She quieted rumors that her and Kourtney were beefing over parenting style, telling US Weekly that everyone is different:

As a first time mom I'm learning a lot as I'm going, and I'm learning so much from Kourtney, I think, the most,. What I've learned is you just have to parent your way… whatever works for you and your household. It's hard to really give people a whole lot of advice when you just have to figure it out for yourself.

Accepting The Uncomfortable Stuff

Because, let's be honest, pregnancy cane pretty damn uncomfortable. Some may feel like they're growing, others just feel like, as Kim wrote on her blog, like their "cankles are ridiculous right now." Here, here to her honesty.

Changing In The New Role

Kim told E! after North was born that everything was different after having a child, "It completely changed my life," she said. "You have a different set of priorities. Nothing matters except your brand new family."

Putting Babies First

Even after a tough pregnancy, the end result is always worth it.

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