4 Old Wives Tales About Blue Moon Babies That We *Really* Wish Were True

When it comes to full moons, there's a ton of crazy hype, myths, and general out-of-the norm activity associated with the days they occur. So if a full moon means the world is extra, it's only logical a blue moon means a whole different level of activity and myths. What then happens if you're expecting during the blue moon? Medically, not a lot is different to be honest, but there are a ton of old wives tales about babies born on the blue moon that are pretty interesting to think about regardless.

When it comes to babies born on blue moons, there are a few unique old wives tales, including superpowers, good fortune, chaos, and more. But in order to understand what exactly a blue moon is, Obliquity breaks it down as simply the second full moon in a calendar month. Despite what you think, a blue moon is not blue, even if that's what you thought Elvis was singing to. Actually, the really unique thing about blue moons is that they are super rare (like one every 2.7 years rare). So when you're taking blue moon myths into consideration, it's fair to take general full moon myths under your wings too. Because, why not? It's all captivating.

If you're curious what completely untrue but totally interesting myths are associated with your blue moon baby, you won't be disappointed.


Blue Moon Babies Have Superpowers

Unless you're living in The Incredibles' universe, the chances of your little one having powers are only possible if they're born on the blue moon, according to Paranormal Activity Forecast's investigations. In general, the blue moon is said to increase paranormal activity causing "strong supernatural surges on Earth," but there's not a lot of proof to back this tale. Thus, it's simply an old wives tale you can enjoy for your blue moon baby... or should I say super blue moon baby.


Blue Moons Mean More Babies

It's kind of surprising that this old wives tale is partially true. Although the blue moon, or any type of full moon for that matter, is not scientifically labor-inducing and doesn't cause more human babies' birth than any other night, it does mean more babies for species like sea turtles. The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) shared that some animals synchronize breeding with the cycles of the moon. Additionally, frogs, toads, and newts all synchronize their mating by the full moon, which kind of means more babies are being conceived in one month when there's a blue moon. It's a stretch, but it's kind of cool to think that some animals coordinate their bedroom eyes with the solar system.


Blue Moons Mean More Psychological Issues

There are so many people who swear up and down that a full moon, and especially a blue moon, brings out quirky people, events, personality traits, and more. Therefore, it's not totally out of the blue (pun intended) that an old wives tale has developed around full moon babies struggling with more psychological battles than non full-moon babies. Rest assured, however, because The Telegraph put that myth to rest real quick. They shared that "Research by psychologists at Canada’s Universite Laval found a full moon or new moon had no effect on psychological problems." So I guess you'll have to find something else to blame all the chaotic occurrences on. Maybe the dog?


Blue Moon Babies Are Fertile Myrtles In Their Adult Lives

Belly Belly shared that several cultures around the world hold strong beliefs in a link between moon cycles and women’s fertility. As you can imagine, an old wives tale has developed around blue moon babies leading extremely fertile adult lives, which would be a blessing in so many ways but just simply not true. To help disprove this myth, astronomer Daniel Caton reviewed roughly 20 years of data from the National Center for Health Statistics, (that's almost 70 million births in the United States) and absolutely no correlation was found between the full moon or the blue moon and births or fertility.

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