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4 Photos That Prove Chris Pratt Might Be The Best Dad Ever

Over the last few years, Chris Pratt has gone from the adorable slub from NBC's hit sitcom, Parks And Recreation, to a super-cut leading man landing roles in summer blockbusters. And one of those flicks, Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, hit theaters on Friday. But there's another real awesome role where Pratt excels: Being a father. And here are four photos that prove Chris Pratt might be the best dad ever.

Ever since Pratt and ex-wife Anna Faris welcomed their son, Jack, in 2012, the Guardians Of The Galaxy star hasn't stopped gushing about being a father. Whether it's on social media or during his late-night TV rounds, Pratt can't help but talk about how much he loves and is in awe of Jack, who will turn 6 years old in August. He also doesn't shy away from opening up about the effect his divorce from Faris has on him as a father (a few months ago, Pratt penned a sweet Instagram note about missing Jack and his family, according to US Weekly).

Overall, it seems like the love Pratt has for Jack is unconditional and endless. And these photos just prove it even more, if you ask me.

For The Love Of Nature

In one of his latest Instagram posts, Pratt shared a photo of his son, Jack, looking at a looming tree with gorgeous purple leaves. (It looks to be a Jacaranda tree, but the actor doesn't specify in his post.) He wrote in the caption, in the voice of his son:

The older I get the more I love trees. I LOVE them. I want to marry this purple tree.

What I really love about this image is that Pratt saw a simple moment with his son and understood its inherent sweetness. The caption would suggest that, to Pratt, Jack wasn't just looking at a tree — he was also expressing a part of his personality.

It's A Monster Of A Jam

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In March, Pratt took Jack to Monster Jam at Angel Stadium in Anaheim, California, according to POPSUGAR, and it looks like the father-son duo had an awesome time. So why does this image make Pratt the best dad ever? Simple: His level of enthusiasm.

As a parent, sometimes you have to pretend that you really like something, even if you're more like "meh." And you do that because you want to make sure your kid is happy, or to get them excited and into the fun. If there was a physical manifestation of that duty as a parent, it would be Pratt's face in this photo.

The Bigger The Fish, The Better

The Parks & Rec actor posted this picture to Instagram in June of last year, but it's nonetheless a timeless photo. Why? Because it captures that sweet father-son bond that will hopefully last a lifetime. Plus, just read Pratt's caption:

Not sure what made me more proud: when Jack insisted on holding this barracuda himself, or when he tried it raw! (Barracuda sashimi is amazing by the way) haha!! 4 year olds will try anything! Get out and fish! No better way to share God's bounty with your babies and make life long memories than fishing! Get out on the water! #fishing #fishingislife

It seems fishing is more than a fun parent-child activity to Pratt — it's also a way to instill values and make important memories. But, of course, the best dad ever would see it that way.

Is It A Rainbow Or StarGate Portal?

Editor’s Note: The Instagram post has since been deleted.

Here is another Instagram post where Pratt captured a simple moment involving his son, but saw the bigger picture. Taken two years ago, the photo shows Jack in his pajamas, standing next to a wall that has a rainbow projected on to it. In the caption, Pratt wrote (get some tissues ready, because it's a tearjerker):

This morning Jack found a rainbow on the wall. I honestly couldn't figure out where it was coming from which according to science means it's some sort of portal. You ever see Stargate? Exactly. We were careful not to get too close. I snapped this photo and it dawned on me how much Jack looks like Anna. They are both so beautiful. Sleeping in with the two of them is my greatest treasure.

Before I get into why I love this photo, let me take a moment of silence for Chris Pratt and Anna Faris' now-dissolved marriage...

OK, I'm back. The reason this Instagram post makes me admire Pratt as a father is because he saw a greater beauty than just that random rainbow on the wall. It was just this cool moment in time to Pratt — it was a reflection of his love for his family.

I don't know Pratt, obviously, but I'd say his has this dad thing on lock. Now, about that Parks & Recreation reboot...