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4 'Riverdale' Betty Costumes For Kids That Are Sweeter Than Halloween Candy

As a kid, reading Archie comics was one of my favorite things to do. I’d hit up the local grocery store, and pick up my favorite — Betty and Veronica Double Digest. There was something about the two characters that just enveloped me into their comic book world, and with the new CW series Riverdale, they’ve done it again. With the popularity of the series, and easy to put together ensembles of the characters, why not channel Riverdale this Halloween? If you think your kid is a total Betty, you'll want some Riverdale Betty costumes for kids to spark your imagination.

The coolest part about Riverdale is that its sinister and mysterious plot lines and characters are the perfect inspiration for Halloween costumes. A Betty costume is super easy to whip together, and you’ll likely be able to find most of the things you need right in your kid’s closet. Bonus: if you do have to buy any pieces, your kid can totally wear them again so it's not a total waste of money (or effort). Whether you and the rest of the family are dressing up as the gang from Riverdale or you're just sending your little one out as Betty, these costumes are perfect for trick-or-treating.


Sweet Betty

The one thing everyone can agree on is how sweet Betty is. It's probably the most charming thing about her, and this look says it all.

For a classic, sweet Betty look, you can combine a girl’s white collared shirt ($13, Osh Kosh B’Gosh), a pink cardigan ($10, The Children’s Place), skinny jeans ($8, The Children’s Place), pointed flats ($19, Old Navy), and a pair of cute earrings ($16, Amazon).


Rocking The Crown Betty

The coolest outfit Betty has worn on Riverdale, is the sweater with yellow crown, channeling a little retro Jughead. You can get the same patch off of Etsy, or even find something that has a crown.

You can get this adorable crown tutu dress ($18, Kohl’s) or this crown sweater ($25, Macy’s) with knit denim look leggings ($8, Carter’s), and ankle booties ($22, Amazon).

If you want to get a more authentic look you can get this Jughead crown patch ($5 to $25, Etsy) and put it on a gray sweater ($20, Land’s End) with a white collared shirt ($13, Osh Kosh B’Gosh) underneath, paired with blue jeans ($20, Old Navy).


Sporty Betty

A really easy to pull together look for Betty is the sports look she had when trying out for the cheerleading team.

For a sporty Betty look, you can pair a yellow raglan baseball t-shirt ($4, Epic Sports), black sports shorts ($8, Target), white sneakers ($10, Target), and yellow pom poms ($4, Amazon).


Date Night Betty

The most romantic moments in Riverdale were between Jughead and Betty, and her look is super cute and easy to pull together.

For a romantic date night Betty look, you can combine a floral top ($24, Gap), black skirt ($7, H&M), pink v-neck cardigan ($14, Old Navy), and black flats ($13, Amazon). For the perfect touch you can add a gold heart necklace ($13, Amazon).

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