4 'Riverdale' Couples Costumes For Halloween, Because Everyone Loves Bughead & Varchie

There’s no love triangle (or quadrangle) quite like the one between Archie, Betty, Veronica, and Jughead from the beloved Archie Comics. But with the emergence of CW’s new hit series Riverdale, these beloved characters have a sexy new reboot. If you and your significant other are looking for the perfect costume, why not channel some Bughead or Varchie sex appeal this Halloween? To help you dress up as Riverdale’s favorite duos, here are some terrific ideas to help you create your own Riverdale couples costumes that will be sure to turn heads.

The new series has a spooky, mysterious vibe, which makes it the perfect show to inspire your Halloween costume. The new characters are darker and broodier, and the town of Riverdale is plagued with intrigue and murder. There are some hot and heavy romances, too, but the love stories of Jughead and Betty, along with Veronica and Archiekins, are the best by far. Because they all dress like normal teens, it should be easy to pull off these couple costumes — all you need is a little help from your own closets. Bonus? If you do have to buy any pieces, at least you can reuse them for future outfits. (With or without your SO.)


Sporty Varchie

He’s a hunky football player and she’s a hot cheerleader, so why not dress up as the sportier version of Riverdale’s hottest couple?

For a sporty Archie look, you can get a Riverdale t-shirt ($19, Hot Topic) or a Riverdale letter jacket ($99, Film Jackets), blue jeans ($25, H&M), and sneakers ($45, Nike).

For sporty Veronica you can get a Riverdale Vixens shirt ($21, Hot Topic) or a yellow raglan baseball t-shirt ($4, Epic Sports), black sports shorts ($8, Kohl's), white sneakers ($17, Target), and soccer socks ($14, Amazon). To finish off the look, add a pearl necklace ($20, Amazon) and red lipstick ($17, Ulta).


Classic Varchie

In his downtime, Archie’s pretty casual, so his look is super easy to pull together and you’ll probably find everything you need in your closet. Veronica is almost always dressed up, and her signature pearls add a ton of class to every outfit she wears.

For a classic Archie look, you can combine a gray t-shirt ($7, H&M), a navy blue cardigan ($32, Abercrombie & Fitch), blue jeans ($25, H&M), and sneakers ($41, Zappos). To make it a little more authentic, you can carry a guitar.

For a classic Veronica look, you’ll need a Peter Pan collar dress ($20, Amazon), ankle strap heels ($45, Macy's), adorable black handbag ($61, Amazon), and a pearl drop necklace ($12, Amazon) with a dark red lipstick ($17, Ulta).


Classic Bughead

Jughead and Betty have a pretty simple sense of style. Jughead is usually dressed rugged and casual, but trendy. Betty’s wardrobe is full of pretty, feminine colors, and she keeps her looks cute and charming.

For classic Jughead you can combine a sherpa jacket ($80, Old Navy), a t-shirt ($12, JCPenney), or a signature Jughead “S” t-shirt ($20, Binjh) with khaki brown pants ($24, Gap), Converse sneakers ($30, Dick’s Sporting Goods), and his signature beanie ($20, Etsy).

For a classic Betty look you can wear an embellished faux collar ($15, Amazon) under a blush pink sweater ($15, H&M), or a Riverdale Betty crown shirt ($23, Hot Topic) with a pair of jeans ($28, Target). You can complete the look with a pretty pink lipstick ($17, Ulta) and pearl earrings ($6, Amazon).


Homecoming Bughead

When they got all gussied up for the homecoming dance, Jughead and Betty looked amazing. Their homecoming looks are a more dressed up version of their personal style, and these looks are pretty easy to pull together.

For the homecoming Jughead look you can wear a charcoal gray blazer ($60, Uniqlo), a dark blue shirt ($40, Macy’s), dark necktie ($15, Amazon), black jeans ($32, Banana Republic), black boots ($40, Kohl’s), and you can’t forget his signature beanie ($20, Etsy).

For a homecoming Betty look, you can wear a silver dress ($40, Dress Barn), gray shawl ($30, Yours Elegantly), gray pumps ($55, 6pm), a pretty clutch ($25, Amazon), and a jeweled hair pin ($10, Amazon) with your hair up on one side.

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