4 'Sex And The City' Halloween Costumes For Babies, Because They Like Shoes, Too

Growing up, I remember Sex and The City being an extremely popular, forward-thinking show. Really, it was one of the first bold, women-focused shows on television that I recall. Without fail, every time I see a rerun late at night when I can't sleep, I turn it on. So as I was watching recently, I thought about how cute it would be to put together Sex and the City Halloween costumes for babies this Halloween.

Each character has their own unique taste and personality, which makes their costumes fun to think about this October. Carrie Bradshaw is the writer and hopeless romantic, Samantha is the sex-loving free spirit, Miranda is career-centered and independent, and Charlotte is the preppier, type-A friend in the group. All four enjoy a good cocktail from time to time, and each one has their own unique character that relate to women viewers for several different reasons. So, with that in mind, why not come up with a fun Sex and the City costume this year for your baby. Or better yet, get a few friends together with babies of their own and dress them up as the foursome with these costume and prop ideas. Don't forget the drinks.


Carrie Bradshaw

I will always remember Carrie best in the ever-so-glorious Sex and the City intro. She has on a lovely pink top and lively white tutu and gets splashed by the bus with her body plastered across it. In my opinion, if you're going for an obviously-Carrie cute Halloween look for your baby, you've got to highlight the intro outfit. You can find a sleeveless pink onesie ($13, H&M) for the top and an adorable white tutu ($4, Walmart) to complete the look. As a prop, add in a baby toy laptop ($26, Amazon) to put your costume over the edge and help onlookers reminisce over all of Carrie's late nights in her New York apartment window typing away. Plus, you can use all of these Halloween costume items after the holiday as well — so it's a win/win.


Samantha Jones

Samantha favors bold-colored dresses, strong cocktails, and a good pair of sunglasses, all of which you can find looking for an outfit to piece together for her costume this year. A bright red infant dress ($54, Walmart) to start, coupled with a fake cocktail cutout or prop like this fake Cosmopolitan on Etsy ($18). To top off her outfit, throw on a pair of baby sunglasses ($12, Kohl's) in true Samantha style.


Miranda Hobbes

Although I love the writer aspect of Carrie, Miranda brings my favorite trait to the table with her career-first, no bullsh*t attitude. To get Miranda's look, go for a pantsuit or even a "boys" suit and tie ($30 to $116, Amazon), because I recall occasions where Miranda rocked a suit and tie. For props to take the outfit over the top, throw in a baby-size suitcase ($13, Little Obsessed) and a red crochet hat ($10, Amazon) to mimic Miranda's red locks.


Charlotte York

I think we can all agree Charlotte is the more put-together, goodie two shoes, preppy look of the four girlfriends. Within the group, I feel that she represents the character most would classify as a housewife type of persona. In order to get her look for your little one this Halloween, find a baby tennis dress ($17, 6pm), a cardigan ($10 to $12, Old Navy) to wrap around the neck of the dress, and a clutch wallet ($12, Amazon) to use as a purse or even mini-size shopping bags.

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