These 40 Hilarious GIFs Of Babies Will Totally Give You Life

Not only are babies cute AF, they have quite the sense of humor. The best thing is they have no idea how funny they are. It could be because babies have no filters, and they're so new to the world that everything they do is just too adorable. So adorable, in fact, that parents started making hilarious baby GIFs to showcase just how silly their little ones really are.

Whether it's a baby sleeping in a funny position, sneezing up some spaghetti, or even dancing (I mean come on, who doesn't love a dancing baby?), we know that kids do the cutest things. Doesn't matter what they're doing, because as long as a baby is doing it people go nuts. Right? No one thinks you're cute when you spit up peas, but if a baby does it, it kills.

Thankfully, parents these days film their kids 24/7, which means plenty of opportunities to catch them in the act. You can save these videos until they're all grown up to embarrass them at some future holiday dinner, send them to America's Funniest Home Videos, or you can even take it a step further and make that priceless moment into a GIF. Who knows? Maybe it'll go viral (talk about embarrassing your kid).

In the meantime, before you go turning your kid into an internet sensation, check out some of these hilarious babies GIFs that will not only make you laugh, but warm your heart too.


Hair Play

TFW your hair just won't do what you want it to do. Don't worry, kid — in a few years that hair's gonna be long enough to rock all sorts of crazy styles. For now, baby clips it is.


So Many Smooches

Aw, these guys are bonded for life. I bet this little one didn't expect to get such a big kiss in return. Can you say unbelievably adorable?


Sneeze Attacks

This poor little one woke himself up by sneezing. Hey buddy, we've all been there. Though I can safely say we're not as cute doing it.


Silly Spaghetti

"Don't put that in your nose," is a line you'll hear yourself repeating endlessly for the next few years. Good to know sometimes things don't end up in their noses on purpose.


All The Right Moves

Is this kid not the perfect wedding date? This tiny dancer has some serious moves for a toddler. Please, little master, teach us your ways.


Brain Freeze Fun

At some point or another, everybody learns the hard way what happens when you sip way too much cold stuff way too fast: a terrible brain freeze. I feel this kid's pain.


What Sorcery Is This?

Nothing is cuter than watching your little one experience such wonders of life as an automatic garage door for the first time. The simplest things surprise them. Just wait, there's more to come.


Twinning Is Winning

Parents of twins know the special power that multiples seem to have: Twice the cuteness, obviously. (And twice the sneezes!)


Lights Out

Most babies can fall asleep anywhere, even in the middle of laughing. Oh, the joys of being too young to experience insomnia.


The Gas They Pass

Whose kid hasn't done this? This flatulent fellow had the most fun when his parents put powder on his bum, making this GIF feel like a cartoon come to life.


Feeling Themselves

If you're in need of inspiration, scroll through some GIFs of kids who are living their best life. This mini mover and shaker is a great example for anyone who needs to learn how to love themselves and let go.


Target Practice

That's some aim, kid! Parents know the feeling of suddenly being covered in vomit all too well. Whether your'e cleaning it off your child or your own self, it's a reality you can never get away from.


Snuggle Buddies

Pets and kids love napping together (and they don't care whose bed they're in).


Spin Cycle

So what if your baby is too small for rollercoasters? This little daredevil is having a blast. (Let's hope it didn't end with vomit.)


Sour Surprises

They say you should always be introducing your kids to new kinds of foods, but I think this little guy is done with lemons for life.


Boss Baby

Kids rule the world. So, let them speak their minds, even if you have no idea what they're saying.


Boy Band

Quick, someone gets these babies on MTV! Wait, does MTV even have music anymore? Either way, these talented tots are destined for stardom.


Try, Try Again

Doesn't something about this GIF remind you of a cat? Like babies, they drive themselves nuts when a mysterious object is in their face. (Though a cat would have pounced on that spoon in a second, TBH.) Hand-eye coordination skills don't come easy.


Play Hard

It looks like someone's dad has been watching a lot of Pokemon. Whether they're acting out a video game or a superhero movie sequence or a Star Wars scene, dads are just big kids at playtime.


Splish Splash

It's kind of gross when you think about it, but kids love drinking from garden hoses. Whaddya gonna do?


So Close, But So Far Away

What an adorable, yet cruel, game to play. Still, at least this kid isn't running through the sliding door. What a great way to teach them that they can't just walk through to the other side.


All Downhill

You want your kid to be safe, but... look how much fun he's having! Hey, this is probably the only time in their lives where they'll enjoy taking the stairs. So let them enjoy it for now.


Young Love

Okay, maybe the love here is one sided, but that's what makes this GIF even cuter. This pup should have played hard to get.


Messy Mess

Talk about a waste of baby powder. These parents would be better off getting this kid his own fog machine, because this is a little director is the making for sure.


Do You Lift Bro?

"I'm the king of the world!" Well, of the playroom, that is. Looks like there a new Rock in town.


Who Took My Cookie?

Poor guy doesn't even know what hit him. One minute he has a cookie, and the next? That bunny sure is quick. I bet Easter will be this baby's least favorite holiday.


Dizzy Dude

How has this kid not thrown up yet? Ah, if only you could go back in time and run around in circles without getting the worst headache of your life.


New Phone, Who Dis?

Someday, you'll be begging your kid to put down her phone. Right now, it's still cute.


Sister Love

Kids are no-nonsense. If they want something, they go for it. Even if that means pushing their sister out of a moving car.


Scream For Ice Cream

Grown-ups love ice cream, too, but kids love ice cream. I want to be on whatever level this kid is on.


I Spy

Cue James Bond music. When you've got a mini secret agent on your hands, it's time for a new baby bed.


Jiggle Joy

It's really not fair that adults aren't allowed to delight in the joy of a jiggling belly like these babies. Tight abs are overrated.


All The Feelings

In just moments, a baby's face can express almost every emotion. (The most helpful is learning which one is their poop face.)


Tagging Along

This kid has some junk in her trunk (and by "junk" I mean an adorable puppy). Thank goodness diapers provide a soft cushion for falls.


(More) Sour Surprises

Once again, letting your kids try new foods is important... mostly because of those faces they make.


Tell It Like It Is

I don't know what's cuter: This baby's face, or his hair. Either way, he's not about to fake a smile for you. If you're looking for a real, honest opinion, you should probably consult a baby.


Rocking Out

You can tell this kid is going to be a future rock star. Just look at his rhythm! All you need are the right toys to bring out your child's inner metal head.


Classic Poop Face

While toddlers can get sneaky about what's going on in their diapers, babies don't have the skills to keep their poop on the down low (especially if they get a little red-faced in the process).


Sliding Dirty

When life is so simple, sliding on the floor feels like a thrill. Plus, who needs to mop when your kid can crawl around in pajamas? This is killing two birds with one stone.