49 Little Moments Of The Newborn Period You'll Want To Relive

I absolutely loved being pregnant, and felt a strange type of sadness after I had my daughter. Of course I was thrilled to have her, but it was like the feeling you get Christmas afternoon when you've waited all year for that moment. It didn't help that everyone had warned me about how hard the newborn stage was. You remember those people too, right? I'll be honest, life with a newborn is incredibly hard. But there are some little moments of the newborn period you'll want to relive.

Having a newborn is exhilarating and exhausting. It's so much fun, and it's so much work. It's incredibly difficult, and it can also be easier than the toddler years. When you're the mother of a newborn, you're in this weird juxtaposition moment of life. Whether it's your first baby or your fifth, it always feels different, and it completely turns your life upside down. But no matter how many bleary-eyed days you have, no matter how many hours you wish would hurry past you, and no matter how many times you say, "I can't wait until my baby's older", there are many little moments of the newborn period that you will cherish forever. The saddest and hardest part of having a newborn is that it's so hard to remember them. My daughter is almost two and when I look at pictures of her as a newborn, I feel like I'm looking at a totally different baby. But when I think of all the little moments I still cherish? It adds up. If you're currently in the trenches, mama, here's a virtual hug and a list of things you'll love and miss one day.


Their Breath

I was so obsessed with my daughter's breath and I know that sounds totally weird and bizarre, but it's true. Her milky breath was like magic to me. Whether you breastfeed or formula feed, your baby has a unique breath scent that only you may be able to notice.


Their Frog Legs

You know when your newborn holds their little legs up in the air like a frog ready to pounce? Ugh, kills me. I love that they keep up so many positions they had in the womb.


The Squishiness

Newborns can just be described as squishy and marveling over their squishiness is the best.


Milk Chins

Oh baby milk chins! No matter how you feed your baby, they're bound to get milk dribbling all down their little chins and rolls.


Baby Grunts

It takes a few weeks for newborns to become babies who coo and babble and giggle, but newborns love to grunt and make abnormally loud noises. The best.


Middle Of The Night Snuggles

I know, waking up every two hours sucks. I did it, and I remember feeling so shattered every single night. But holding my baby as I fed her, the TV on low, and some old favorite sitcom playing was my heaven. You'll miss those middle of the night cuddles, especially because my baby just went right to sleep while my toddler is now all, "Toy Story? Waffles? All done with this bedtime business?"


Wearing Sleepers All Day Every Day

I know, buying fancy little clothes is fun, but there's nothing like keeping a newborn in a footed sleeper all day every day. So easy, so adorable, and so convenient.


Gummy Smiles

I can barely remember my daughter without teeth, so thank goodness for pictures.


The Convenience Of Newborns

You can literally take newborns everywhere. I used to shop for hours with my newborn strapped to my chest.


The Swing

Remember when you could use the swing for any and every thing and your newborn loved it? Yes, I miss those days, too.


Falling Asleep On You

Oh you will cherish those moments forever, the ones where your newborn just sacks out right on you, no matter what.



Those little baby burritos are too cute, and I wish I could still swaddle my toddler.


Hungry Rooting

When my newborn was hungry, she'd root everywhere and make these tiny grunt noises that killed me with love. Whether she was trying to gnaw on my shoulder, my nose, or my cheek, I was obsessed.


The Slow Blinking

Nothing like watching a newborn take in the world around them with those slow blinks. So much wisdom in those little eyes.


Tummy Time

Tummy time is simple, sweet, and it takes no effort on your part, unlike trying to build the perfect LEGO castle for your four year old.


All That Sleep

Seriously, newborns may not sleep in long stretches, but they sleep a LOT. And it is so nice. Even if you're stuck under a sleeping babe, you get so much time to relax and chill as a new mom.


The Newness Of It All

It's like Christmas morning every morning those first few weeks. The newness of everything is so exciting and keeps you going.


The Celebratory Feeling

Flowers, balloons, and cards litter your home and it feels like everyone is constantly celebrating. Guess what? They are! All for you and your babe.


Your Family's Help

Because they will offer so much, and it is so wonderful. Accept the help, mama.


Not Censoring The TV

I watched so much Breaking Bad with my newborn daughter. Can't even try that now that she's walking and talking.


Diaper Changes That Don't Require Restraining Your Baby

You literally lay that newborn down and change their diaper. They may not be happy about it, but it's nothing like trying to wrangle a 20-pound toddler back down.


They Stay Where You Put Them

Want a cup of coffee? Lay your baby down on a blanket and when you come back? They are still right there!


Their Floppiness

I mean, obviously you have to support their little neck, but those newborn babies are just floppy, squishy bundles of joy.


The Way Newborns Curl On Your Chest

Heart eyes! All the heart eyes for the newborn stage when they constantly curl up on your chest.


Watching Your Partner Fall In Love

One of the very best parts of the newborn stage is seeing your partner fall in love with your baby. It is pretty wonderful.


Passing Your Baby Around With Family

I wanted to keep my baby all to myself, but I also loved watching my family hold her and talk to her.


Never Taking A Blurry Picture

Because your baby stays still! Praise it. It won't stay that way for long.


When They Turn To Your Voice

Not only is it heartwarming because your baby totally recognizes your voice, but also, it's one of the last times they'll ever listen to you.


Not Requiring Much To Take Care Of Your Baby

You bought all of that fancy gear, but it's nice knowing that all you really need is a bottle or a boob, and some clothes. Done.


Feeding Your Baby

Whether you formula feed your baby or breastfeed, there is something incredibly special about feeding your baby and being their sole source of nutrition.


Focusing On Your Baby Without Guilt

As your baby gets older, you realize you have to actually be productive in other areas, but there's no rules for the newborn stage. You just get to focus on your new love without feeling guilty about your giant to-do list.


Staring At Their Tiny Feet

You will spend hours doing this. Hours! Now those feet are stinky and huge and always sticky.


The Way They Take Everything In

It's like they're just trying to soak it all in, every single bit of the world.


Literally Being Able To Hold Them All Day

Like, if that's all you want to do? You can do it!


Not Having Much Of A Schedule

I love having a schedule now with my daughter, but it's kind of nice during those first few weeks to just ignore a schedule and have it all blur together into one big baby time.


Reading Their First Book

Do you remember reading the first book to your newborn? Me too.


The Car Ride Home

It's a huge rite of passage to head home for the first time with your baby, and it all starts when you get loaded up in your car.


Every Morning Feels Like Christmas Morning

Because you have a baby! And they love you so much!


Their Nursery Stays Clean

I can't remember the last time my toddler's room was actually functional. But during the newborn stage? It stays in pretty good shape because you're hardly ever in there.


Seeing Their Movements You Used To Feel Inside Your Tummy

I could always feel my daughter drag her elbow and knees around inside of me, so seeing her make those same moves once she was out of me was insane. It's totally surreal and so amazing.


Their Tininess

Everything is so tiny! Their little nails. Their eyelashes. Their toes, and ears, and nose, and elbows. You will marvel over all of it.


Actually Working On Their Baby Book

Because you will never do it again.


Giving Baths

Giving baths now is so hard with my toddler, but back then, they were sweet and perfect.


The First Time You're Alone With Your Baby

You're terrified when all of your help goes away, but you totally rock it and feel amazing at the end of the day.


Rocking Your Baby To Sleep Because You Want To

And not because your baby refuses to sleep without a little rock or two.


Brushing Their Hair

Whether they have tiny peach fuzz or a full head, it's incredibly relaxing to brush their newborn hair with a soft-bristled brush.


That It Doesn't Last Forever

There's a reason why you have to find little moments to cherish, but I promise you, it only gets better from there.