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5 Children's Pools With Shade In Stock Right Now

by Cat Bowen

Families are in the grips of a hot, hot summer with no relief in sight. For many, that means spending a lot of time outside in the pool, or under a sprinkler, desperately trying to cool down. But for those not blessed with a naturally shady backyard, these children's pools with shade are a good option for a little extra relief for those steamy summer swims.

This year, backyard pools have been in especially high demand and were sold out for months. Thankfully, inventory is back on the rise, and you can get most of these models sent to your house in just a few days. There is something on this list for every budget and every age of child. Whether you're looking for a place to plop your toddler while you grill up dinner (with eyes still always on your child), or something larger to entertain your older kids for a while, you'll find it here.

As a backyard pool veteran, I would caution parents to pull up their inflatable pool every night so that it's doesn't become a mosquito haven or punctured and ruined by the local wildlife. (My sister-in-law's pool was once taken over by a family of black bears, and it did not end well for that pool.) Putting these children's pools with shade up at night prevents both of these things.

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Pop-Up Pool With UPF

This baby pool is genius. Not only is it UPF 50 and an adorable baby shark shape, it's designed so that you can take it on the beach and fill it up so that you're not constantly trekking back and forth from the shore to your towels. See what I mean? Genius. Your child will keep happy and cool, and you can finally finish reading that novel you bought in April.


Inflatable Sprinkler Elephant Pool

I love this option, but admittedly, it would be cooler if the elephant's trunk was the sprinkler, right? It's still a great pool at a great price though. Your little one will be thrilled with the soft pool and exciting sprinkler, regardless of the missed opportunity in its design.


A Multifunctional & Multiseason Pool

This little gem is a bit roomier than the other two on the list, and doubles as a ball pit when summer is over. The basketball hoop is the perfect height for toddlers, while the sun shade offers cover on warm days. This model is significantly sturdier and doesn't require an air pump to put together.


Rainbow Pool

This is a less-expensive option, but it's just as sweet and fun as can be. The rainbow shade is cheerful and fun, and the pool has an allover alphabet print complete with sprinkler right up front. It's only 40 inches in diameter, so it won't take up much space in your lawn or on your porch.


For Kids Who Aren't Sprinkler Fans

My son took a while to warm up to the idea of sprinklers. This baby pool eliminates the sprinkler feature and adds fun play rings along the side as the additional entertainment. It's easy to set up and take down, and the extra thick material means it's harder to puncture.

Your kids will be living their best summer lives no matter which one of these you pick, so have fun with it.