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Pools Are Pretty Much Sold Out But Don't Worry: Here Are 7 You Can Buy RN

A pool. What I would give for a pool right now. I was smart enough to buy a kiddie pool for my son back in early April, but in the heat of early spring here in South Carolina, it's now deflated into a flaccid bird bath and I'm too embarrassed to ask a neighbor for a pump to refill it with air. If only I had access to a real pool, summer for my 5-year-old would be saved. Fortunately, even though pools are sold out practically everywhere right now, there are still a few available (but you'd better act fast).

Whether you're talking about the kind of sturdy above-ground pool that's big enough for actual swimming or the inflatable kind you can deflate and put away when you're done using it, pretty much every variety of pool has suddenly become impossible to find, reported New York magazine (there's even been an increase in demand for the services of inground pool builders). Like toilet paper and hand sanitizer, suddenly everyone is realizing that they're going to need a pool to get through the next few months. Alas, all the usual suspects are out of stock, from Lowes to Home Depot to Target... but there are still a few pools you can buy online. Some come from mom and pop shops in small towns, others are from big retailers like Amazon, but all are in short supply. Even if it's listed below, note these few remaining items might not be available in a few days. So don't delay.

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Blue Wave NB2134 Dark Wicker Deep Metal Frame Above Ground Pool Package

One of the rare above-ground pools I could find still available online, this 24-foot-long item will cost you a pretty penny (but on the flipside, it will fit the whole family). That could be a game changer for a hot summer, especially when local pools may remain closed.


120x72 Swim Center Pool

Last check, there were only five of these babies left. The lucky shoppers who snag one will be the beneficiaries of a backyard bathtub that'll fit more than the kids. Pro tip: buy an electric pump for this to avoid passing out when you inflate it.


Giant Inflatable Swimming Pool

Why buy one inflatable pool when you can have his and hers options? Or, yours and the kids? Hell, fill your whole backyard with pools. Why not? (Anything for a little entertainment right?) These Ample Berry pools come in five sizes, from 4.2 feet to 10 feet long.


PoolCandy Inflatable Grapefruit Sunning Pool

Ok, so this is basically a glorified child's paddle pool, but we'll take it. What it lacks in size it makes up for in a cool grapefruit motif, and does the circumference even matter when you have, say, a frothy beverage in hand?


Intex Shootin' Hoops Swim Center Family Pool, for Ages 3+

When I first got my son his inflatable pool in April, he was transfixed. But by week three, he began to lose interest. That's why this hoop pool is so genius. It's a water toy/game in one. Think of the games of PIG your kids could play in this.


Swim Center Inflatable Family Lounge Pool

Upgrade your lounging with this pool available from a handful of vendors on Amazon. The bench makes it feel a bit more adult, but there's still space for a crowd to splash around. Win/win.


Stranger Things Inflatable Sensory Deprivation Pool

Love Stranger Things? Then this pool is for you. As creator BigMouth Inc. writes, "fans know that the Sensory Deprivation Pool is a fixture of lead protagonist Eleven's life, helping to hone her psychic abilities. Although your own psychic abilities are pretty well dialed in, keeping yourself and the kids cool with this home version certainly helps." Sold.