Super Cool Ideas For Kids' Unicorn Face Paint That You Can Totally Do Yourself

This Halloween there are a ton of different routes you can go for costumes and face paint to spice up your holiday. But one of the most popular, repeat trends is unicorns, and if your little one is hoping to get a magical unicorn look this year, you're in luck. Unicorn face paint for kids is totally doable – yes, even for those moms, like myself, who aren't the most creative artistically. With the right tools, a shopping spree for colorful face paints that are safe for kids, and lots of glitter, sparkles, or sequins (or all three!), you can create some pretty impressive unicorn face paintings this October.

From cutesy to terrifying; from simple to difficult, the options are truly endless with unicorn face paint. Even better, you can choose whether you want to go all out on the entire face or keep it small with a little design and minimal color. Adding glitter or even feathers to the mix can also give you a leg (horn?) up on your unicorn look. And your kid will probably have a ton of fun helping you pick up supplies for the unicorn look and watching as you paint on their unicorn face.

So, as you're debating on what style to go with and how to execute the perfect unicorn face paint, check out some of the ideas, tutorials, and materials below to help make this year's Halloween face paint as magical as possible.


Cheeky Unicorn

Unicorn Glitter, $7, Etsy

If you want to go for an adorable unicorn on your little one's cheek this Halloween, Jo Cardno's unicorn face painting tutorial on YouTube is a great way to go. Although this unicorn looks extremely difficult and advanced, Cardno's tutorial makes it an easy step-by-step process that leads you to a bright, professional-looking painted unicorn. Additionally, you can add in glitter like Unglitter Labs Rainbow Unicorn Glitter for an extra mythical touch.


Mask Unicorn

A more involved option is a mask-like look with unicorn face paint. Using the aforementioned YouTube tutorial, you can still feel out the unicorn outline with paint, but instead of doing it on the cheek, painting on the forehead is a better option for the mask look. To complete the look, you can get creative with painting on wings around the eyes and eyebrows. The wings would also be the perfect spot to add in glitter or sequins for an extra creative kick.


Over-The-Eyebrow Unicorn

Another kid-friendly and fun option is to paint the unicorn above the eyebrow and blend the unicorn hair into your child's or get creative with the flow down the cheek. If you choose this look, you can also paint on fun decoration items like stars, flowers, or hearts in other spots on your little one's face to give some more flare to the Halloween look.


3D Unicorn

Unicorn Horn, $17, Etsy

Get a more real-life look with a headband like this unicorn horn from Baby Squishy Cheeks. You can grab a pack of face paints to accompany it and get creative with a painted on unicorn face to go with the horn and glitter.


Evil Unicorn

It wouldn't truly be Halloween without a spooky, creepy option. If you're feeling the haunted unicorn vibe this Halloween, check out Elsa Rhae's tutorial on YouTube. You can easily paint to the dimensions of your kid's face, and use the items Rhae suggested or find similar items at a local craft or costume store. Although this look seems really intricate, after watching the tutorial, it doesn't seem as intimidating. Additionally, there aren't a lot of different materials that you need to use, aside from face paint, which makes this look even more impressive.

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