5 'Game of Thrones' Night King Halloween Costumes For Babies From Beyond The Wall

For Halloween 2017, there's no doubt costumes inspired by Game of Thrones will rule the streets. Even if your kid is still too young to watch the popular HBO drama, you can still use the show's characters for some amazing costume inspiration. In fact, the Game of Thrones Night King costumes for babies are so cute, your family might start rooting for the White Walkers and their mysterious leader. (Please note: this piece contains spoilers for Game of Thrones season 7, so proceed at your own risk.)

As one of the characters who was invented for the show, the Night King is a particularly fearsome villain. He's still something of an unknown quantity, although his displays of power so far have been particularly frightening. As someone who can turn children into White Walkers, raise the dead, and throw spears with alarming accuracy and distance, the Night King is the sort of major foe a show like Game of Thrones deserves.

Translating his icy look into a costume for a baby takes a little imagination, but some interesting versions of the Night King can be crafted from normal baby clothes. Of course your baby's look will ultimately be a lot cuter than the Night King's getup, but that's to be expected. Just maybe make sure your baby doesn't turn any other infants into White Walkers when you're out and about in costume, because that could become problematic.


Cutesy Night King

Sure, the mysterious villain from Game of Thrones may be all scary and terrifying, but your baby is still adorable. For a cutesy version of the icy bad guy, start with a Night King bodysuit ($20, Cafe Press). A knit baby crown headband ($16, Etsy) approximates the Night King's weird, ridgy head in a much cuter way. Lastly, some snowflake winter leggings ($12, Amazon) convey the idea of a relentlessly approaching winter. Plus, they will keep your baby warm and snuggly through a long night of trick-or-treating.


Scary Night King

If you want to lean in to the character's creepiness, there's a way to convey that idea, too. It's all about the icy stare and the sleek suit. For a baby-friendly costume, get a black bodysuit with collar ($8, Amazon) and a snowflake halo headband ($6, Etsy). Because your kid is probably still a bit too young for masks or face paint, consider a pair of blue baby sunglasses ($15, Amazon) as a stand-in for the Night King's terrible gaze.


Festive Night King

Dress your infant for a wintry holiday fit for a king. Well, at least the Night King. A Game of Thrones Christmas design onesie ($18, Cafe Press) featuring a double print of the Night King's face is a perfect beginning to this look. An ice blue baby Santa hat and diaper cover ($36, Etsy) complete the festive but creepy ensemble. Bonus: you can repurpose this outfit for any upcoming holiday parties.


Dragon-Rider Night King

Hey: I told you there were spoiler alerts. To show the Night King's newest acquisition, first get a snow dragon plush ($37, Etsy) or a similar cuddly dragon. Dress your baby in a black long-sleeved bodysuit ($7+, Amazon) and a baby crown hat ($10, Etsy). Prepare to slay.


Wintry Army Leader Night King

The character is all about that ice, so why not embrace a wintry look? A winter is here onesie ($20, Cafe Press), blue snowflake tutu ($20+, Etsy), and white Walker baby hat ($11, Cafe Press) convey a cold theme. Maybe pose with a white walker figure ($9, Amazon) or two for effect. (Please note: the action figure is not intended for children under 3, so please keep an eye on the little one.) Whatever outfit you choose, your baby will be dressed to rule the seven kingdoms. Or, at least, your neighborhood.

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