Here's Everything You Need For The Best Little Leslie Knope Halloween Costume

Let's be honest: There are two types of Halloween costumes. First, there are the ones your child chooses. They say things like, "I want to be a cat!" or I love Spiderman!" and everyone nods because, hey, it is ultimately their decision. But there are also the Halloween costumes that you choose for your child. You know, the ones that pull at your creative (or wish-I-would-have-worn-that) Halloween heartstrings, like dressing them as a lookalike Freddie Mercury or finding little Leslie Knope Halloween costumes that would make the Pawnee, Indiana community proud.

Of course, it you're opting for the latter, then you'll have to nail a few key items to pull off the Parks & Recreation frontrunner's trademark look, like her wavy blonde hair, work-ready blazer and a fashionable, everyday woman blouse to pull it together.

And once you find the items that will help you to create a Leslie Knope costume for your kid, it wouldn't hurt to have them nail some classic Leslie one liners, like: "I am a Goddess, a glorious female warrior." They can also work on expressing Leslie's general distaste for salad and "other disgusting things," and instead focus on a few of her favorites, like fluffy waffles from JJ's.

Here's everything to make this Halloween costume happen for you ... erm ... your little one come October 31.


The Hair

This guardian angel costume doesn't exactly showcase a Leslie Knope look, but the wig is spot on if you're trying to help your little one score Leslie-worthy locks. Plus, it's sold separately from the rest of the costume, so it's a win-win.

You might have to trim it up so that it's shoulder-length à la Leslie, but that's nothing a pair of scissors can't handle.


The Pantsuit

If your kiddo isn't wearing a blazer as part of their costume, then are they really Leslie Knope? It kind of comes with the deal, and since Leslie is no stranger to bold choices, this red option from Amazon is a good pick.

You can also always opt for a more understated jacket, like this blue-gray one from H&M.

Since buttoned pants don't exactly scream ease and comfort when it comes to kids, you might want to try pairing the blazer with leggings, like this simple black pair from Old Navy.

If you are opting for a patriotic ensemble (which is totally Leslie Knope's style), then you can, of course, also try a navy blue pair of twill pants, like these from Target.


The Blouse

Polka dots, floral, stripes — no matter the pattern, Leslie Knope has worn the blouse that features it. This navy blue and white printed long-sleeve is the perfect option to pair with the Knope's classic pantsuit look.

Then, again, Leslie isn't exactly one to ignore an opportunity to show her Pawnee pride, so this kids t-shirt under a blazer is perfect for a casual Friday look.


The Shoes

Nail the Leslie Knope look with a pair of sensible shoes. Bonus? Your little Leslie Knope can easily run from house to house while trick-or-treating. Check out this nude Mary Jane pair from Amazon.

Or a simple Mary Jane black pair that can definitely be worn post-Halloween.


The Accessories

Top off the head-to-toe Leslie look with buttons that feature some of her best slogans (see: "ovaries before brovaries"), as well as a couple that poke at the idea of her running in 2020 for president.

Because, really, if anyone can make it happen, then it's the woman who once said: "I am big enough to admit that I am often inspired by myself."