5 Matching Pregnancy Halloween Costumes For Your Pregnancy Squad

There's something so incredibly fun about being pregnant at the same time as one or two of your close friends. It not only gives you something fun to chat about on your coffee dates, but can also lead to some pretty great Halloween costumes if you and your friends happen to be noticeably pregnant when Oct. 31 rolls around. There are lots of great matching pregnancy Halloween costumes for your pregnancy squad that are easy to coordinate and will make your group the center of the party.

Most of these costume ideas aren't the stereotypical pregnancy costumes either. You can't all dress up like avocados or jars of Prego, after all. (Plus, you'd lose each other in the sea of pregnant ladies rocking the same costumes.) Instead, they focus on ideas that are similar, but not identical, allowing each of you to have a bit of creative control over your own costume while still tying it in to the group's theme.

Some costumes you'll be able to replicate with maternity clothes you already own and others might require a bit of DIY-ing or shopping, but either way, dressing up with your mama-to-be-squad in a themed Halloween ensemble will ensure that this Halloween is one you'll never forget.


Pregnant Mario & Luigi

For Nintendo's Italian duo, pregnancy style, get both of you a red maternity shirt ($15, Old Navy) and a green maternity shirt ($25, GAP), along with a pair of overalls ($40, Kohls) and of course, Mario and Luigi hats ($15, Etsy) to complete the look.


Pregnant Mummies, Ghosts, & Zombies, Oh My

For a spooky pregnancy group idea, have each of you dress up as different scary characters. A mummy is easy to DIY with a white tee ($13, H&M) and some fabric scraps. Dress as a ghost by draping a sheet over you, bump and all, and cutting out holes for your eyes. A pregnant zombie is perhaps the scariest of all and can be made at home or bought in a store ($37, Ebay).



A simple yet hilarious costume idea is to dress each of you as different colored M&M's. All you need are maternity t-shirts ($12, Target) in M&M colors (think red, blue, brown, yellow) and the letter "M" painted or glued on to the belly.


Thing 1 & Thing 2 (Or 3, Or 4)

To dress up as the Cat in the Hat's mischievous minions, buy red shirts ($13, Target) and leggings ($10, H&M) or, if you can find them, a full-on maternity Thing 1 and Thing 2 suit ($7, Etsy). Top it all off with blue wigs ($19, Target) and numbers on your bellies.


Pregnant Jungle Cats

Embrace your fierce side with a sexy take on the jungle cat costume. With a different dress for each cat, and a mask to match, you'll all look like the sexy mama cats that you are. For a leopard, find a maternity leopard print dress ($18, ASOS) and a black cat mask ($3, Party City). For a tiger, buy an orange maternity dress ($13, Old Navy) (draw on stripes too, if you'd like) and use face paint or a mask ($10, Spencer's) to transform your face into a tiger's.

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