5 Kid's Minion Halloween Costumes That They'll Love More Than Their Candy Haul (Well, Almost)

If your child lives on planet Earth and is anywhere between the ages of 3 and 12, chances are they're at least a little bit obsessed with the minions from the slew of Despicable Me movies (I lost count after the second one, but I'm pretty sure there are at least 10 by now.) Lucky for you both, the tiny yellow guys make adorable and hilarious fodder for Halloween costumes. If you're on the hunt for minions costumes for kids, your search won't last long, because minions happen to be incredibly easy to dress up as.

Whether your kid's favorite minion is Bob, Kevin, Stuart, or any of the other billion, the costume is simple. Each and every minion looks exactly the same — other than the amount of eyes they have and their height. Not a very diverse bunch, but what the minions lack in diversity they make up for in hilarity and cuteness.

As your child's personal shopper when it comes to Halloween festivities, you have a few options. First, and maybe most convenient, there are a host of store bought minions costumes to choose from. All you have to do is walk into your local Target or Walmart and hunt down the correct size.

Or, if DIY is more your style, you can make a minions costume out of clothes your child likely already has in their closet. A pair of overalls, a yellow t-shirt, and a few other crafty pieces are all you need.

If you have multiple children, dressing them all as minions will only add to the cuteness, chaos, and hilarity of a minion-themed Halloween. And next year, they will be another year older, wiser, and on to their latest obsession, which will probably result in a costume that involves less yellow and gibberish, so enjoy it while you can.


Life-Sized Minion

This life-sized minion suit ($10, Party City) makes your costume search way too simple. All you need is the suit, and you're good to go. Add a yellow beanie on top to keep their head warm if it will be chilly outside.


Simple DIY Minion

Even though buying a store-bought minions costume is an easy route, DIY-ing the classic costume can be equally simple, especially if you already have a few of the pieces lying around. Search the racks at thrift stores or order online for the other pieces you don't have and you're all set.

You'll need a pair of kids' overalls ($25, Target), a yellow long sleeved shirt ($6, Primary), a yellow beanie ($10, Spirit Halloween), and maybe a banana ($10, Gymboree) just for kicks. Follow this tutorial on how to make goggles from Costume Detective, put them on top of the beanie, and your little evil henchman is ready to go take over Halloween.


Inflatable Minion

Another hilarious take on the classic minions costume, this inflatable minion suit ($50, Target) is sure to keep your kid in character — literally —and safe, just in case they, you know, are prone to bumping into things.


Jail Minion

If your kiddo prefers the "Jail Time Tom" minion version from Despicable Me 3, never fear, you can buy the jail minion costume ($23, Walmart), complete with gloves, hat, suit, and goggles. Plus, this suit makes them extra easy to keep track of.


Fancy Minion

If your kid would rather wear a dress than the standard pair of overalls, there's nothing wrong with them dressing up as a minion with a dress ($14, Walmart). A little bit of extra style can do any minion good. Add some black tights underneath to keep your little one extra warm this Halloween.

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