5 Reasons Feminists Are Having The Hottest Sex Imaginable

There are some truly beautiful combinations in this world that make life resplendent and magical: Peanut butter and chocolate; Leggings and boots; Hangovers and breakfast sandwiches; Keeping calm and carrying on; Netflix and chill, but, like actual Netflix and chill, not "Netflix and chill." I have no time for the games that go along with "Netflix and chill" — I need to know ahead of time what underwear I want to wear and if I want to shave. Of course among the greatest of these combinations: sex and feminism.

Individually, both of these things are awesome. Feminism, of course, is defined as "the advocacy of women's rights on the grounds of political, social, and economic equality to men," and sex is defined as "physical activity in which people touch each other's bodies, kiss each other, etc." which is really super underselling it, if you ask me, even if it's technically a pretty comprehensive view of things. Sometimes, when you take two such awesome concepts, squishing them together goes horribly awry, like pumpkin spice lattes on a trampoline. But not in this instance. Sex and feminism is a keeper of a combination.

Despite the fact that many people may view feminists as a bunch of uptight, joyless, boner-killing harridans who would much rather wave their fingers scoldingly in someone's face than put them to any arousing use, I assure you there are loads of us feminists who love to bang. And not just the brassy lady comedians among us. CEO-type feminists, college student feminists, community activist feminists, artistic feminists, literally all kinds of feminists! And we're not just having utilitarian sex, either. I put it to you that we are having mind-bogglingly hot sex. Here's why.

Consent Is Sexy AF

I've heard so much about continuously asking and giving consent throughout sex "kills the mood"? Really? Really? Someone whispering in your ear "Do you like that?" or asking if you want them to do naughty things to you? That's not sexy? Jeez. You poor, unimaginative bastards.

Critical Thinking Is Sexy

To be a feminist in a decidedly unfeminist world requires a level of smarts not possessed by all because you have to approach things more critically and with a sharper eye. Chauvanism is built in to most existing power structures so intricately that, if you're not looking, it's easy to miss despite its obviousness. Basically you're smarter than the average schlub, is what I'm saying. And, obviously, smart is sexy. There's nothing hotter than a giant, throbbing brain and no foreplay like discussing the many ways Mad Max: Fury Road completely subverted traditional depictions of women in action movies. (No? Just me. Whatever.)

Everyone's Tingly Bits Count Equally

No matter who is involved, feminist sex is not built around the male orgasm. It's important that everyone gets off. No Orgasm Left Behind! Sometimes that means more time, creativity, or a combination of the two. Whatever it takes, it's going to be awesome.

Overall Sex Positivity Is (Obviously) Sexy

Yes, there are sex negative feminists out there, but the fashion of the day within most feminist circles seems to be a culture of varying degrees of sex positivity, at the very least within the confines of a consenting sexual encounter. And if you're someone who believes "slut" is just a word invented by assholes to make women feel bad about feeling good, and that virginity is a myth, well then you're just going to have hotter, less inhibited sex than someone who would say otherwise.

Feminists Are Sexy

Don't believe me?


Joseph Gordon-Levitt: feminist!


Laverne Cox: "Absolutely... a feminist."


John Legend: an "all men should be feminist" feminist


Emma Watson: international feminist

And, of course my personal favorite...

Jon Hamm: the maddest man-feminist of them all (see what I did there?)

I'm not saying anything about what goes on in the boudoirs of these fine feminists. I'm just saying that these gorgeous mofos are on our team. Feminists are repping some real hotness...

Images: BeyonceVEVO/YouTube; Giphy (10)