6 Things You Should Never Settle For When It Comes To Sex

Love may be a battlefield, but sex shouldn’t have to be (unless you’re into that sort of thing.) Where there is love, there is usually sex — and yes, sex is an important part of every romantic relationship. Good sex, great sex, and , unfortunately, even bad sex. Now, bad is obviously a relative term and can describe the physical and emotional aspect of sex. But regardless no one should experience less than awesome sex on a regular basis, and that means being aware of things you shouldn’t settle for when it comes to sex.

Because regardless of your sexual preferences, there are a few standards that you should have in the bedroom and for your sexual partners. Not only for your sake, but for their sake too. Communication is key in any relationship, and should be key between the sheets, too. The more open your lines of communication are, the more likely you are to have the best sex of your life. And isn’t that what sex is all about at the end of the day — the pleasure? Sex is a beautiful thing, and you should never settle for less than what you want, need, or deserve. Let’s slip into something a little more comfortable and go over the things you shouldn't settle of rain bed, shall we?


A Fake Orgasm

Faking an orgasm goes against the law of feminism. OK, not exactly, but it's definitely something that shouldn't happen. Aside from the fact that you're lying to your partner about how good they are at what they're doing, you're selling yourself short. Be a little more vocal, guide them gently, and get yourself the real thing.


Constant Quickies

Sure, a quickie every once in a while isn't so bad. In fact, they can be a total blast. But a quickie every time? Not OK. Mainly because you're being deprived as a result. According to Everyday Health, women need up to 20 minutes to get aroused. Demand your time, girl, even if it means finishing long after your SO.


Uncomfortable Sex

Whether you're not OK with the actual sex or the situation, you need speak up. Sex is supposed to be fun, not freak you out, and a good partner will respect you and anything that makes you uncomfortable.


Sex Shaming

You may be all about sexual experimentation, or air on the shyer side in bed. Either way, no one should make you feel shameful for your sexual preferences.


Unprotected Sex

If you hate condoms and don't want to use them, that's totally fine. But if you want your partner to wrap it up, then they have to. It don't matter if they don't like the feeling or "can't fit." Insist your partner wear a condom, and if they refuse, then they can use their hand for pleasure.


Unworthy Partners

Never settle for someone who doesn't treat you well. When it comes to sex, there needs to be a respect and sexually compatibility, otherwise it's not worth it.

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