5 'Rick and Morty' Halloween Costume Ideas For Babies That Are Ridiculously Cute

If you, like so many others, are a huge Rick and Morty fan and you're still trying to decide what your baby should be for Halloween this year, you might want to consider dressing them up as one of the characters from your favorite TV show. You might not think that there's any way to turn these characters into baby Halloween costumes, but you'd be wrong and these Rick and Morty costumes for babies prove it.

You can dress as the eclectic grandpa Rick Sanchez, his grandkids Morty or Summer, or the parent figures in the show Jerry or Beth. Rick and Morty really isn't exactly a kids show, even though it's animated (it's on Adult Swim), but, hey, when they're babies, you get to decide what they dress up as for Halloween, rather than being faced with somehow trying to let them decide. These costumes might take a little bit more creativity on your part, but at least you don't have to DIY anything to pull these looks together — unless you want to. And they'll likely go over the neighborhood's kid's heads, but most things are probably going over their heads.

Pick your favorite Rick and Morty character, head to the store (or your computer), and get to work. Halloween is right around the corner.




Why not dress your baby up as reckless scientist Rick for Halloween this year? This costume is an easy one, requiring just a few clicks of the mouse to order every needed component. All you'll need is this scientist onesie ($17, Amazon) and an ice blue wig ($16 and up, Etsy). If it's chilly out, add leggings or a sweater so your little one doesn't get cold.




This is one of those costumes that can pass for an everyday outfit. Dress your baby up as Rick's grandson Morty by dressing them in baby jeans ($14, Old Navy) and a yellow t-shirt ($3, Deal Rack). If they're bald or just don't have brown hair, top it off with a brown wig. It's an instant costume, plus they can wear every part again. To ease any confusion, dress up another kid or yourself as Rick or another character from the show.




Summer Smith is yet another option. Again, it's an easy costume to pull together. All you'll need is a pink tank top ($3, Old Navy), a pair of white leggings ($5, The Children's Place), and a yarn wig ($22 and up, Etsy). It couldn't be simpler.




If Jerry is your favorite Rick and Morty character, why not dress your baby up as him for Halloween? You'll only need baby jeans and a green polo ($7, OshKosh B'gosh). Use masking tape and another darker brown tape to create the stripes on his shirt. Easy as pie.



If you're going for a group themed costume, you could totally dress your baby up as Beth. To do so, you'll need a red polo ($5, OshKosh B'gosh), a pair of jeans, and a blonde wig ($30, Etsy). Beth often has a glass of wine in her hand, and, while you obviously can't give your baby a glass of wine to use as a prop, you can sub in a baby bottle for a more age-appropriate prop.

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