5 'Riverdale' Jughead Costumes For Kids That Are Totally Reusable

If you remember Archie Comics like I do, you remember fun-loving characters, with pretty innocent plotlines. But the Riverdale of today, as in the CW’s Riverdale, is anything but simple. Some of the simplest characters have turned into complex beings, especially Jughead. He’s gone from silly to slightly creepy, and you can’t help but love the transformation, which is why so many parents are looking for Riverdale Jughead costumes for kids this Halloween.

Honestly, it's a perfect idea to channel some of Riverdale’s mystery, and dress your kids as the beloved characters from the series. If you want to dress your kids up like Jughead, also known as Jug, this Halloween, there are a ton of cheap, easy ideas that are really easy to throw together, and will definitely be tons of fun to reveal. (Especially if the whole family is going as the Riverdale gang.)

Although the classic comic book version Jughead wasn't too trendy outside of rocking an actual crown, the Jughead Jones of Riverdale has more of a hipster sense of style. He keeps it simple, but stylish, which makes Jughead an easy costume to pull together with stuff in your kid's closet. (Bonus, if you have to buy pieces, you can totally reuse them.) And now with versions of his whoopie cap, or crown-style beanie, it's even easier to pull off a Jughead costume this Halloween for the littlest fans.


Dark Jughead

For this dark Riverdale Jughead look for boys, all you need is a boy’s plaid shirt ($14, Old Navy), boys' black pants ($20, H&M), and a boy’s gray hoodie ($10, Kohl’s).

For girls, you can combine a girl’s plaid shirt ($12, Old Navy), girls' black pants ($13, H&M), and a girl’s gray hoodie ($35, Old Navy). You can add blue high top sneakers ($55, Converse) and a messenger bag ($20, Zulily).

Don’t forget to add his signature hat with this Jughead beanie ($25, Etsy).


Fun Jughead

If you want your kids to stand out as the fun-loving Jughead this Halloween, you definitely can get this kid’s Jughead “S” shirt ($16, Cafe Press), and combine it with a boy’s sherpa denim jacket ($52, Gap) and boys' brown pants ($12, Kohl’s) for your little guys.

For girls, you can combine the top with girls' brown pants ($20, Abercrombie Kids) and a girl’s sherpa denim jacket ($39, Macy’s).

To finish off the look, you can add a brown messenger bag ($25, Amazon), kid’s brown boots ($29, Amazon), and a gray beanie ($12, Amazon).


Nighttime Jughead

To get this nighttime Jughead look, you can pair a boy’s dark denim jacket ($15, The Children’s Place) with boys' gray pants ($20, H&M), a boy’s maroon hoodie ($20, Old Navy), and boys' black combat boots ($28, Amazon) for boys. For your girlies, you can combine a girl’s maroon hoodie ($17, Old Navy), with girls' gray pants ($13, H&M), a girl’s dark denim jacket ($15, The Children’s Place), and girls' black combat boots ($30, Kohl’s).

For the finishing touch you can top it off with an adorable black beanie ($8, Amazon).


Lumberjack Jughead

This woodsy, lumberjack Jughead look is really easy to pull together. All you need for boys is a pair of boys' jeans ($8, The Children’s Place) or girls' jeans ($8, The Children’s Place), girls' brown combat boots ($20, Amazon) or boys' brown combat boots ($35, Amazon), with a kids' red plaid sherpa jacket ($30, Amazon) and a kids' green shirt ($10, Amazon).

Adding his whoopie cap, like this Jughead beanie ($25, Etsy), will complete the look.

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