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5 'Riverdale' Veronica Costumes For Kids Who Are Sassy Enough To Pull It Off

If you’re a feminist like me, you might have a deep appreciation for strong, unapologetic female characters in fiction. They can inspire you to find your hidden strength, and make you realize you don’t need to fit into any box. One of my favorite female characters is Veronica Lodge, from the Archie Comic Books series, and now in the CW’s Riverdale. So, why not have your little one channel her sass with some Riverdale Veronica costumes for kids this year?

The CW’s Riverdale, unlike the original Archie Comics, is full of murder and mystery, and this new, more sinister world lends itself perfectly for inspiration this Halloween. Veronica’s fierce attitude, coupled with an amazing sense of drive and passion, makes her a force to be reckoned with, and it would be pretty adorable to see your little one show off some high class attitude while trick-or-treating. The best part is, you can find most of the things you need in your kid’s closet and your jewelry box. And even if you have to buy some of these pieces to perfect the Veronica look, they'll make great additions to your kid's closet and get plenty of wear.

Whether the whole family's getting in on the Riverdale love or your little one is the only character this Halloween, you're sure to find a favorite out of these five Riverdale Veronica costumes for kids.


Sporty Veronica

Veronica is a queen on the dance floor, and it showed when she auditioned for the River Vixens cheerleading squad in their gym uniform. It’s also pretty easy to pull off this look.

For the sporty Veronica look, you can pair a yellow raglan baseball t-shirt ($4, Epic Sports), black sports shorts ($8, Target), white sneakers ($10, Target), and soccer socks ($14, Amazon). To finish off the look, add a pearl necklace ($20, Amazon).


Vixen Veronica

Veronica is a vixen, and the dark colors she wears really complement the attitude.

For this vixen Veronica look, you can get a purple dress ($20 to $23, Amazon) with a black cape ($21 to $36, Amazon) and black Mary Jane shoes ($13, Amazon). For a signature Veronica look, you can add this adorable pearl Peter Pan collar necklace ($5, Amazon).


Date Night Veronica

Veronica has a pretty high fashion, fancy sense of style. She’s almost always dressed to the nines, so this classic date night look will impress, and it’s really easy to pull together.

All you’ll need is a flutter dress ($40, Dillard’s) with black flats ($13, Amazon) and a pearl necklace ($20, Amazon).


Sweetheart Veronica

She’s unapologetic, but not to her best friend Betty. She made a mistake and was sweet enough to say sorry with flowers and cupcakes, which shows what a sweetheart she really is. For the sweetheart Veronica look, you can pull together a Peter Pan collar dress ($30, Saks Fifth Avenue), black ankle booties ($20, H&M), adorable kid’s handbag ($25, Amazon), and pearl drop necklace ($12, Amazon).


Casual Veronica

Even though her version of casual is kind of fancy, Veronica does have her own down time look. You can get this casual Veronica look by combining a black shirt ($10, Amazon) with a black button skirt ($15, The Children’s Place), pretty ballet flats ($17, The Children’s Place), a choker necklace ($5, The Children’s Place), and pearl bracelet ($13, Amazon).

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