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5 Sex Positions That'll Feel Different After Giving Birth

If you thought sex during pregnancy was different, just wait until after you have your baby. OK, so that's not a fair thing to say. Although there could be some sex positions that'll feel different after giving birth, not every woman is the same. Some have no issues with sex after having a baby (I don't remember anything changing) and some may experience a ton of physical changes that make certain positions feel like completely new ones instead.

Nadia Armstrong, a birth and postpartum doula in the Atlanta area, tells Romper in an interview that some of her clients have worried about sex when they see her for their postpartum check-up. "I tell all of them the same thing — there are no absolutes when it comes to your postpartum recovery and that includes sex," she says. "It could feel exactly the same. It could be painful. It could be the last thing you want." But she notes that she does give her clients some tips on how to take it slow, especially with certain positions. "Depending on the type of birth you had, if you had stitches for tears, or if you had a rough pregnancy, there may be some positions that aren't great at first," Armstrong says. "But it doesn't take long to bounce back and many people find that sex becomes the same again."

Based off of some of Armstrong's tips, there are five sex positions that'll feel different after giving birth, but that doesn't mean you have to scratch them from your favorites list. Try a new position instead or find a way to make your favorites work for you and your new postpartum body.


Doggy Style

Armstrong says that the pressure of bending over during sex can be painful, especially if you're still dealing with a tender scar from a C-section or even stitches from a vaginal delivery. "Your back may not be in the best shape after pregnancy," she says, noting that a lot of women report back pain after carrying a baby. Take it slow with this one and maybe throw a pillow underneath if you really want to try it to relieve some of the pressure.



Yup, your old stand-by may feel totally different, too. "Anything that requires your partner to be laying on top of you can be painful," she says. "Positions that are tighter than others can also cause a lot of friction, which is usually good, but after having a baby, those areas may be more sensitive and tender." Try throwing a pillow under your butt if you want to make this position work and don't let your partner lay completely flat on top of you, especially if you've had a C-section.


Any Position Without A Bra On

Let's face it, your breasts have gone through some massive changes during pregnancy and your postpartum period, so Armstrong warns that any position where your boobs are playing the lead may be different. "Your breasts could feel very tender, they could leak, and they could, honestly, just get in the way," she says. "A lot of positions can be painful and distracting without a bra on until you get used to your new breasts, so now is the perfect time to pick out some sexy lingerie."


Girl On Top

"While any position that puts you on top means you're in more control, I hear a lot that these positions can lead to more friction and a "pulling" sensation, especially if you've had stitches or a C-section," Armstrong says. You'll want to go slow and if you feel too much pain, just switch it up. It won't last forever.


Basically Any Position

"Really, sex is going to be different in some ways after giving birth. A lot of women experience vaginal dryness which can make any sex position feel different, especially if you don't have any lubricant," Armstrong says. "There's also the psychological difference — you may have body issues, you may be self-conscious, and you may be too worried about the baby to let yourself enjoy sex. But just remember that this won't last forever (if it does, see a sex therapist) and you will be back to normal before you know it."