5 Signs Your Baby Is Going To Be Late To The Birth Party

No matter how much you love being pregnant, there comes a moment in every woman's journey when she is officially done with this "mommy-to-be" nonsense. She's exhausted, she's hot, she's tired of having to sleep on her side because she can't get up from her back at 40 weeks pregnant, and she really wants to meet her baby. Hearing the words, "I think you're going to go past your due date" is basically torture. But are there signs your baby is going to be late so you can prepare for those extra days of pregnancy or will your child's punctuality skills be a mystery?

According to Parents, the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists noted that ten percent of all pregnancies go past 42 weeks. That sounds like a long time to be pregnant, doesn't it? But Fit Pregnancy mentioned that the strict medical term for being "post-term" actually is 42 weeks. But with so many potential risks and complications at getting to 42 weeks, most doctors conclude that going past 40 weeks of pregnancy means you're overdue.

So what makes some babies overdue and some arrive on time or early? There's no exact answer, but there are five signs that could potentially mean your little one won't show up on their due date.


Overdue Pregnancies Run In Your Family

I'm pretty sure all three of my mom's kids were late, which could've caused my own daughter to go past her due date if I hadn't been induced. According to the Mayo Clinic, if overdue pregnancies run in your family, there's a higher chance of you going past your own due date. Those pregnancies also count any previous ones you've had. If your first child was late, there's a good chance your second baby will be, too.


Your Baby Is A Boy

The running joke in society is that women are always late and men are always waiting on the girl in their life to hurry up and get it together. Parents noted that one study found that a baby boy is more likely to go past his due date than a girl. So if you're pregnant with a little prince, it could mean you'll be waiting for his arrival after your due date.


You Aren't Entirely Sure When You Had Your Last Period

Before I was pregnant with my daughter, I got really vigilant about marking when I had my period and keeping up with my cycles. But if you've forgotten when you last had your period or you aren't exactly sure how many days your cycles last, it can throw off everything. According to Parents, due dates figured by the dates of your period are relying on your cycle being 28 days long and coming every month like clockwork, which isn't true for every woman. Also, some women spot at the beginning of their pregnancy and if you thought that was a period, it can throw your date off even more. So when you're thinking you're overdue? You may not have even reached 40 weeks of pregnancy yet.


This Is Your First Baby

You've probably heard before that your first baby won't arrive on time, and it's pretty much true. CNN noted that numerous studies have found that your first pregnancy is most likely going to be early or late. So be prepared either way when you're becoming a mama for the first time.


Your Due Date Was Never Confirmed

And, in the same vein as not being sure of your menstrual cycle, having an unconfirmed due date can also make your baby be considered late. According to CNN, there are often miscalculations when figuring out your due date, leading you to be "late" no matter when you think your baby is supposed to be born. Parents noted that a first trimester sonogram is the best way to determine an accurate due date, but even that's not always 100 percent. Basically, your due date is an estimate, so you can never really be sure if you're overdue, right on time, or early.