These 5 Stores Will Give You A Gift Card If You Get A Flu Shot, So Don't Delay

Getting the flu shot is essential, but it's not the most fun thing to do. It takes time, it stings, and you're not guaranteed a Barbie band-aid. Since you have to get it done anyways, these stores give gift cards for flu shots, which makes the task seem slightly less onerous.

And you have to get the flu shot. I know, it's not fun, but according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), tens of thousands of people die from the flu every year, and when you get the flu shot, you're not just helping to protect yourself, but you are also, hopefully, helping to protect vulnerable communities of people who cannot get the flu shot. Communities that include newborn babies and those with autoimmune disorders, or cancer patients who are receiving chemotherapy, and for whom the flu shot might not be as effective.

Yes, it is true that the flu shot isn't a guarantee. The CDC admits that from one year to the next, they're not sure how effective it will be, but it's way better than nothing, and even if you do develop the flu, having the shot might attenuate the virus... which could make all the difference. If you haven't gotten the stick yet, you might as well get a little bang for your poke, and get it done where it will most benefit your wallet.



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Go for the Pub subs and free coffee, stay for the flu shots and $10 gift card.

This year, mega retailer, Publix, is encouraging its customers to get the flu shot by offering those who get one a fancy $10 gift card. Their website noted said that there is no appointment necessary, and that for most insurance plans, there is no cost for the actual vaccine. That's a straight ten spot in your pocket, which you can of course use for more Pub subs. Fried please. Absolutely no mayonnaise.



Albertson's chain stores, including: "Albertsons, Safeway, Vons, Jewel-Osco, Shaw's, ACME, Tom Thumb, Randalls, United Supermarkets, Pavilions, Star Market, Haggen, and Carrs stores will be issuing a discount coupon for all who get the shot."

The website states that "Everyone who receives an immunization will also receive a coupon for 10 percent off a grocery purchase, where permitted by law."

As a lover of Acme's pasta salad, I can get behind this deal. Pro tip: get the regular pasta salad, and then buy the salad that's just tiny balls of mozzarella and grape tomatoes, and combine the two. It's magic.



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I could write sonnets about how much I love Target. They carry my favorite beer, bras that are super comfy, shoes in size 11, and the most delicious smelling scented candles. Also, other stuff my house needs, but aren't as much fun.

Target, the holder of my dreams, is giving customers a $5 Target card for everyone who gets a flu shot. That's a compelling argument for a solo Target trip, if you ask me. "Sorry, hon, I need my flu shot, and since little Anna already got hers, and I can't hold her while getting the stick, I'll see you in about three hours."

You obviously need time to recover and peruse all the aisles.



CVS is my go-to drug store, because I love a good coupon, and they really know how to do it. Sure, each one of their receipts could double as belt for Santa Claus, but there is vital information on there... and sometimes there is CVS cash.

If you get a flu shot, you will get one of these coupons for $5 off any $25 purchase. If you do it just right, you can stack one of their famous 40 percent off coupons on a pricier item like tampons or cat food, and add that all up to equal $25, and then take five off from that, and boom goes the couponing dynamite. You're an saver, and you're hopefully saving yourself from the flu.