5 'Stranger Things' Ghostbuster Costume Ideas That Kick Paranormal Butt

If you and your friends are eagerly awaiting the return of Stranger Things on October 27, then here's a fun way to pass the time: Plan out your Halloween costumes inspired by the beloved show. Take it a step even further and plan to wear Stranger Things ghostbuster costumes all together. Basically, you'd be playing a group of fictional kids from a creepy town in the '80s who are playing members of the ghost-busting team from a classic '80s film. It's like an endless loop of '80s nostalgia.

If you've obsessively studied the Stranger Things Season 2 trailer on YouTube, you'll notice several references to '80s pop culture, icluding video games and, of course, homages to the film Ghostbusters. Given the kids' experiences in the first season of Stranger Things, it's no wonder they become fans of a film about taming supernatural forces. Using technology to battle monsters is kind of their dream, right?

Plus, it's always fun to remember Ghostbusters which has been making headlines since it was released, first for its $30 million production budget which made it one of the most expensive comedies made up to 1984, according to Rotten Tomatoes, and then for it's success in theaters — the film film was a major hit with audiences and it earned a domestic lifetime gross of $242,212,567, according to Box Office Mojo., paying for itself several times over. And even now, over 3 decades later, it's still culturally relevant.

To pay homage to two monuments to the 1980s, check out these Ghostbuster costumes ideas inspired from the Stranger Things series.


The Jumpsuits

The jumpsuits are probably the most iconic part of any Ghostbusters costume, and there are a lot of costuming options available. You can get a basic cotton coverall ($35+, Amazon) and add a Ghostbusters iron-on patch ($2, Etsy). There is also a costume with an inflatable backpack ($46+, Amazon). For younger busters, there is the kids Ghostbusters jumpsuit ($40, Amazon).


The Proton Packs

If your costume doesn't come with a proton pack, there are many costume version available. The Ghostbusters inflatable pack ($10, Amazon) is one option. A cool Ghostbusters proton pack backpack ($31, 80tees) is another fine option.

To be honest, though, the proton packs in the Stranger Things trailer look pretty homemade, because the members of the Hawkins Middle School A.V. club didn't have Amazon at their fingertips. So if you want to give your costume that homemade touch, just duct tape an old vacuum cleaner hose to a grey backpack and you're good to go.


The Shoes

The campus Adidas shoes ($65+, Amazon), the Puma classic sneaker ($25+, Amazon), the Onitsuka Tiger Serrano ($75, Onitsuka Tiger), and some plain white Vans ($50, Kicks USA) seem like close approximations to the kicks that the kids are sporting in the show.


The 'Ghostbusters' Character Details

Apologies for the dark picture, but it looks like Lucas is wearing a patch that says Venkman, in reference to Bill Murray's character from Ghostbusters. You and your crew can personalize your Ghostbusters-via-Stranger Things costumes with patches for all of the characters from the 1984 film: Dr. Peter Venkman, Raymond Stantz, Egon Spengler, and Winston Zeddemore. (Honestly, though, if all of the kids dressed as Venkman I would not be surprised. His deadpan humor is legendary).

For a casual look, this Ghostbusters Venkman shirt ($24, Amazon) serves the purpose well. Or, grab a selection of Ghostbusters-inspired iron-on patches ($6+, Etsy) and customize your existing jumpsuit. It's all in the details.


The 'Stranger Things' Character Details

To make it clear you're still portraying characters from Stranger Things, feel free to add in a few crucial character details. Wearing a two tone trucker hat ($8, Amazon), or layering a Hawkins middle school shirt ($16, Etsy) under your jumpsuit will get the point across.

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