5 Taylor Swift Halloween Costumes For Babies Who Are Destined For Stardom

Your baby's first Halloween is a big deal. Unless you've got a knack (read: obsession) for dressing your baby up in ridiculous outfits, it's likely that this is your baby's first time going out in a costume. Of course, you want it to be memorable (for you at least — your baby won't remember a thing). Luckily, this means that you can shamelessly dress your little one up as your favorite pop star for their first Halloween and they can't do a single thing about it. Although Taylor Swift Halloween costumes for babies isn't the normal "first Halloween" get-up, these ideas will certainly provide you (and everyone else around you) with laughs all night long and maybe even a dance break or two to your favorite T-Swift song.

You'll be hard pressed to find any baby-sized Taylor Swift costumes in most department stores, but with a little bit of creativity, you can DIY some of her most iconic music video and street style outfits. These pint-sized pop star outfits are hilarious and, surprisingly, stylish — the perfect inspiration for your baby's first outing on All Hallows Eve. Whether you're a fan of Swift's early days or prefer her newer, edgier, revenge style, there's a baby-sized version of your favorite Taylor Swift look. And besides, mini-Taylor is just about the cutest thing on the planet.


Young Taylor Swift

If T-Swift's early days were your favorite, you no doubt remember her hit song "Teardrops on My Guitar". Although you don't want to fill your little girl with angst and jealousy (I mean, come on, Drew), Swift's dress from the video is one worth replicating and it certainly is a unique first Halloween costume.

You'll need a toy guitar or ukulele, a green baby dress ($27, Walmart), and a small blonde curly wig ($15, Oriental Trading) to top it all off.


"Love Story" Taylor Swift

Although, since this song is loosely (very loosely) based on Romeo and Juliette, your baby would be dressing up as Juliette and not T-swift. Saying that she's Taylor Swift dressed as Juliette adds a layer of Inception-esque intrigue to the costume.

You'll need to buy a medieval style dress ($17, Ebay), or if you're looking for something that's period-appropriate but fit for smaller babies, a knitted medieval dress ($70, Etsy) would work, too.


"22" Taylor Swift

For the more hipster side of Taylor Swift, her "22" music video features her wearing a white graphic tee that reads "Not A Lot Going On At The Moment." And since your baby can likely relate to that sentiment, this outfit is the perfect one to replicate, especially if they're 22 months old.

You'll need a white onesie or tee shirt ($14, H&M). From there you can write the graphic phrase on with a fabric marker or sharpie. Add some black shorts ($4, Children's Place) a baby-sized fedora ($15, Old Navy), and some red heart sunglasses ($3, Ebay) and your baby will definitely be feeling 22.


"Blank Space" Taylor Swift

Although it may be tricky for a young baby, for older babies or toddlers who are ready to have their nails painted and (maybe) put on a messy face of makeup for the occasion, "Blank Space" Taylor Swift is perfect.

You'll need a leopard print shirt or onesie ($10, Old Navy), some black pants ($8, Old Navy), a blonde bob wig ($15, Amazon), and of course kid-friendly red lipstick and nail polish.


Street Style Taylor Swift

Swift is known for her chic style both on stage and off, so emulating one of her street style looks isn't unheard of, even for a baby. To start, you'll need a breton striped top ($22, Boden), some red shorts ($6, OshKosh), and of course, her signature bob wig ($15, Amazon).

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