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5 Ways To Help California Fire Victims This Thanksgiving — So Many People Have Been Displaced

by Sarah Bunton

This year, hurricane season in the United States has been far more intense than it has in recent years. With Hurricane Harvey hitting Texas, Hurricane Irma affecting Florida, Hurricane Maria devastating Puerto Rico, and nearby states and islands feeling the affects, too, the damage has been astronomical. On the flip side, however, the wildfires that raged through California showed an entirely different way in which people can be victims to natural forces. As the holidays ramp up and the season of giving begins, you might be wondering all the ways to help California fire victims this Thanksgiving.

Unlike the damage seen by hurricanes — like flooding, mold, and other water-related issues — fires can tear through an entire neighborhood in what seems like an instant. In the blink of an eye, a family's home and all their belongings can be swallowed up by flames. Despite the brave efforts of countless firefighters, first responders, and volunteers, many Californians found themselves without food, shelter, and supplies to meet even the most basic human needs. No matter how far away you live or how tight your budget is, there are ways to provide support to those in need. So check out these ways you can help California fire victims this Thanksgiving.


Build Homes

Since the fires decimated so many houses, there are residents who have suddenly found themselves homeless. One of the ways to help California fire victims is to volunteer with Habitat for Humanity. If you're not in California and unable to make it there, you can donate to wildfire relief efforts. No matter what your budget or ability level is, there are various ways to help families rebuild their homes and lives.


Donate Money And Double It

A charitable donation is always helpful, but with just a few clicks, you can find out if your work will match your gift by searching on Double the Donation. If your employer doesn't show up in the results, this could be a great opportunity to bring it to their attention. Nothing brings a workplace together like a good cause.


Send Food And Clothing

Whether a home is damaged or families are forced to evacuate, many wildfire victims find themselves without the resources to meet their basics needs. Besides donating your time or money to providing shelter, you can also donate food, water, and clothing to the victims of California's fires through organizations, such as The American Red Cross or Feeding America. Keep in mind that these places accept donations year-round, not just when disaster strikes.


Donate Blood

Where there is disaster, there is bound to be people who are severely hurt. One way to help these victims recover is to donate blood. To find out where you can donate blood, you can check the official Red Cross website for more information. In fact, you may even want to make this selfless act a reoccurring thing since blood is always in high demand.


Offer Pets Refuge

Unfortunately, natural disasters often mean that animals can be displaced or injured during the ordeal. If you want to open your home to a pet who has been separated from their family, you can reach out to the local shelters listed here to see what kind of support they need. If you can't foster, donations are also helpful — all that kibble doesn't pay for itself, you know.

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