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Like, Really, These Are The 5 Zodiac Signs Most Likely To Be Basic Moms

Could your unique parenting style be written in the stars? As it turns out, certain zodiac signs are more likely to be basic moms than others. That fondness for patterned leggings and scrapbooking might be your birthright.

For starters, though, there's nothing wrong with being a basic mom. As a deeply basic person myself, I'd never use the word as an insult. Rather, a basic mom is one who really does appreciate things like "Target, Netflix, and pizza" on a deep level, as self-described basic mom Kimmie Fink explained in Romper. It's just a description. (And really, show me one person who dislikes pizza and Netflix.)

So if you happen to fit certain stereotypes about moms — say you love crafting and posting on Pinterest — then maybe it's just a part of your horoscope. After all, certain signs are more drawn toward creativity, or learning, or humor, and these traits can pop up in your lifestyle as a parent. So the next time you're tagging cute kid pics on Insta or ordering a seasonal Starbucks drink, celebrate this basic mom life, because it's all part of your sign. Just blame it on your zodiac sign, which is not a basic move at all.


Gemini: The Crafty Mom

The sign of the twins, aquarius moms will double down on the mom life in their own unique way. Known for being original and creative, gemini moms might actually make all those Pinterest crafts for the kids' room, as noted in Marie Claire. These moms probably own a Cricut, and they know their way around craft shops. And hey, it's awesome you let your creativity shine for your kids.


Sagittarius: The Kid Activity Mom

The sign of the archer, Sagittarius moms are courageous and curious about the world. This love for learning might cause you to enroll your toddler in a ton of activities, from foreign languages classes to kid meditation groups, as noted in And sure, there might be a snide comment about over-scheduling here and there. But you know that this exposure to so much learning at an early age is wonderful for your kid.


Cancer: The #MomLife Mom

You got this. A natural nurturer, Cancer moms tend to take to the whole motherhood thing like champs, as noted in Momstrology. You make light of all the work and stress of childcare with a few funny memes and a whole lot of coffee.


Pisces: The Fun Mom

If one parent knows all the lyrics to all the kids' songs, it's you. Wildly creative and imaginative, Pisces moms are awesome at playing make-believe with kids, as noted in Baby Center. And if you happen to watch some PAW Patrol when your kids aren't even in the room, well, that's cool too. Kid shows have gotten pretty good, to be honest.


Aquarius: The Insta-Mom

You make this whole parenting thing look easy. Aquarius moms are just effortlessly cool, and they tend to raise thoughtful kids, as noted in Parents. Are you going to post pics of your baby at the beach all over Instagram? Of course. Will the shots be artistic and adorable? You bet.

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