These 50 puzzles for every age can be enjoyed by kids of all ages.
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50 Puzzles For Every Age In Honor Of National Puzzle Day

Putting together a puzzle is one of the most relaxing things in the world to me. My kids love them too, and have since they were little. Luckily, there are puzzles for every age so the entire family can reap the benefits of these sweet, quiet activities.

Whether it's a jigsaw puzzle, a puzzle board, or a crossword puzzle, getting your brain working and your family together to work on a puzzle can have numerous benefits. Held on Jan. 29, National Puzzle Day, according to National Day Calendar, aims to celebrate the joy that comes from solving a puzzle. It might be hard to know exactly which puzzle is right for your child, but thinking about their interests, age, and ability to stick with a task for an extended amount of time can help. A toddler and a pre-teen may not be interested in putting together the same puzzles, but there is definitely a puzzle out there for everyone regardless of age.

Whether you use puzzles to bond as a family, work on concentration, or teach your kids patience (let's face it, they may need some help with that), there is a perfect puzzle for kids of all ages just waiting to be solved and this list can help get you started.