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50 Toys Under $25 On Amazon Prime That'll Come In Time For Christmas

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Even people who seem to have mastered holiday prep (you know the ones who label the gifts after they’re wrapped so they can actually remember what’s inside) inevitably forget to buy something for someone on their list. If you're one of those people, then you'll be relieved to know that there are at least 50 toys under $25 you can get on Amazon Prime in time for Christmas. So whether you legit just spaced out (no judgment) or because with mere days before the holidays, your kiddo has decided they’re now a die-hard fan of Octonauts or Frozen 2, you can relax. (Well, as much as anyone can relax during the holidays.)

If you can't stomach the idea of heading into a brightly-lit, crowded store that's playing pop remixes of Christmas songs, then I feel you. Amazon Prime is basically a modern-day Santa you can call on to make gifts show up at your doorstep, plus the website has a helpful feature in the product description of each item which clearly states if it will arrive by Christmas (some items on Prime are back-ordered and won't arrive until Jan., so it's worth paying attention to).

From costumes, to kid-sized instruments, and beloved characters like Forky, these 50 gifts for kids will be at your house in no time, all thanks to the most famous reindeer of all, Alexa.


A Doctor Costume

Any kid who loves helping people will enjoy pretending to be a doctor or a vet with this 11-piece set. The one-size-fits-most costume comes with bandages, a stethoscope, and more, and it may make the doctor's office feel a little less scary.


A Cleaning Set

If you're kiddo is always "helping" you clean up, then this set is for them. The toys are wooden and store neatly on their hooks, plus they may actually make your house a bit cleaner.


Mega Bloks

This set of 80 blocks are easy for little hands to hold so they won't be as frustrating as smaller building blocks. Parents will appreciate that the set comes with a large, transparent bag making clean up a breeze.


A First Instrument

Toddlers can learn the basics of drumming with three drum pads and a cymbal. There are nine melodies to play along with, plus different settings which teach letters and numbers.



Kids who get excited every time they see a truck or a bus will love building their own pickup truck with a hitch for the attached caravan. Because it has 344 small pieces, this is best for kids 5 and up.


A Paw Patrol Vehicle

Chase, Marshall, and the rest of the Paw Patrol crew are a hit among the preschool crowd, and Chase's police cruiser lights up and makes sounds. There are six "mighty vehicles" in total if your kiddo is interested in collecting the whole set.


L.O.L Surprise! Pets

Peel back layers of the packaging to get hints about which L.O.L Surprise pet is waiting for you. Inside there's a secret message sticker, collectable sticker sheet, shoes, accessories, and of course, a surprise pet, which could be a anything from a dog to a skunk.


A Classic Game

The classic game of Operation gets a fun and trendy upgrade with a Star Wars theme. In this version, BB-8 needs repairs on his droid parts, and players will have to remove them without getting buzzed.


A Horse Stable

If your kiddo wants a pony, you could get them the next best thing that actually fits in your home: a stable playset. It has eight distinct horses, a sturdy wooden stable, plus a breed guide which will help them learn about different kinds of horses.


A Dozen Hatchimals

This set of Hatchimals features twelve characters that are part of the Royals collection. The egg carton is glittery and works double duty to store jewelry and other small trinkets.


Stem Skills Set

Anyone (even adults) who likes building and problem solving will love unwrapping this 164-piece set. It contains all the geometric shapes and connecting pieces you'll need to make elaborate, unexpected structures like insects, cars, and other fun shapes.


A Crystal Kit

Bring science class to your house with this crystal growing kit designed for ages. 10 and up; it includes all the ingredients and instructions you'll need to make sparkly rocks. There are also display cases in the kit so kids can show off their hard work once the crystals are fully grown.


A Peppa Pig Figure

If you little one has started speaking in a Peppa-inspired British accent, they a toy from their favorite program is probably high on their wish list. This figurine comes with 11 different outfits and she says phrases from the show.


A Nostalgic Gift

I was delighted to see that inflatable furniture is still a thing, as a blow-up chair was one of the most exciting gifts I've ever received. Any kid who's into the 90's trend will love this little piece of nostalgia, just make sure you have a bike pump to blow it up unless you want very sore cheeks.


A Colorful Stacking Game

The bright hardwood pieces make for an eye-catching stacking game, or you can use the blocks to build any structure you desire. The blocks are splinter-free (amazing) and they come in a wood box for simple storing.


A Forky Figure

Forky captured the hearts of many with its debut in Toy Story 4 and now your kiddo can have their very own chatty little spork. It says 15 phrases from the movie, plus you can literally turn his frown upside down with the push of a button.



What do you get the siblings who have everything? Walkie-Talkies, of course. These will provide endless entertainment, plus they require kids to move away from each other, so they won't be arguing in the same room.


Doll Accessories

This travel set is compatible with any 18-inch doll (so, the classic American Girl or Target's Our Generation dolls). The set of cute minis includes anything needed for travel including plane tickets, a mini tablet and phone, and a roller carry-on.


An Art Set

This 118-piece art kit includes everything your kiddo will need for hours of creativity: water colors, a pencil sharpener, glue, oil pastels and so much more. It'll be a savior on a snow day when you're stuck inside.


A Character Lip Gloss Set

Frozen fans probably already have the Elsa doll and the Anna costume (maybe even an Olaf stuffed animal) but they probably don't have this set of 7 lip glosses. They're a non-toxic water-based formula that make a great stocking stuffer.


A Kid-Sized Ukulele

This is a fully functional and tunable ukulele, it's just made a bit smaller for smaller people. You can't beat the price for a toy that can help your little one develop a lifelong skill.


Baby Shark Decals

Fans of Pinkfong will love giving their rooms a little Baby Shark upgrade with these peel-and-stick wall decals. Don't worry, they pull off easily without leaving behind a sticky residue or pulling off the paint.


A Cozy Onesie

You can never have too many pajamas or onesies, and this fleece unicorn suit is no exception. It's breathable and comfy (with pockets!) plus the buttons mean there's no scratchy zipper. Kids will flip for the bright pink tail.


A Pokemon Set

If the little one in your life already has what seems like a gillion Pokemon cards, then instead, you could get them this set of figurines. The six-pack includes characters from the Detective Pikachu movie.


A Jewelry Making Kit

This jewelry kit contains over 1100 brightly-colored beads in different shapes and sizes, plus all the string you'll need. Maybe if you play your cards right, your kiddo will make you your very own Roxanne Assoulin-inspired bracelet.


A Pet Salon

Kids will love getting to draw on their toys and then taking them to the pet salon to get nice and clean. It includes a portable salon case, and three washable markers.


A Light-Up Pair Of Gloves

It doesn't have to be a struggle to get kids to wear warm weather clothes when gloves are as cool as this light-up pair. They come in seven colors, and there's an off switch in case you're somewhere where you don't want to glow. Plus there's an insulator tab to pad the battery.


Magnetic Blocks

72 magnetic blocks can be used to build anything from creatures, to cars and towers. These are a fun way for kids to build their confidence in creating without the frustration of blocks falling down.


A Talking Pet

You kinda can't help but laugh at this talking hamster. It mimics everything you say to it, and it may be a good stepping stone if your kid insists they want a real hamster.


A Mini Playmobil Set

Your kiddo can open up the pearly shell to reveal a Mermaid's world with this Playmobil. The set includes two mermaids, seahorses, dolphin, large shell, crab, starfish, coral, and hair clips which are all really tiny (and cute) so it's best for ages 4 and up.


A Fun Science Set

Budding scientists can learn about chemical reactions, volcanos that change colors, and so much more with this science kit. It includes three test tubes and a pipette so your kiddo will feel like a real chemist.


A Pretend Birthday Cake

If your kid loves playing in their little kitchen (or watching The Great British Bake Off with you) then they'll get a kick out of making their own pretend birthday cake. It comes with 34 wooden pieces, and velcro tabs hold the cake together so it really feels like you're slicing it.


A Tub Of Rainbow LEGOs

I love this set because you don't have to follow any instructions, you just get to play. It's a great starter set for the kiddo who's just getting into building, or if you find you're other sets are missing a bunch of pieces, they may help to fill in some of the blanks.


A Motorcycle Building Set

You're probably not ready to think about them having a real motorcycle, but a buildable one is a different story. With over 450 pieces, they can make a realistic motorcycle that stands upright when displayed by using the included kick stand.


A Classic Game

Twister seems like such a staple of youth, but there's a chance your kiddos have never played this game. This version, which comes with an extra large mat, is available only on Amazon, and FYI, instead of contorting yourself to reach the spinner, Alexa will now spin for you.


A Plush Set Of Sports Equipment

If you have a little athlete on your hands, this cute bag filled with five different balls may be their new favorite. The balls are soft and plush, so they won't damage anything when they inevitably get thrown around the house.


A Book Set

You'll snag major savings on this set of five classic Dr. Seuss books. This makes for a sweet family gift, too, for someone who just had their first baby and it looking to grow their book collection.


A Cuddly Caterpillar

This cuddly little character commemorates the 50th anniversary of Eric Carle's children book, The Hungry Little Caterpillar. There's a small caterpillar art print included in the box, which can be framed and hung in a kid's room for a cute addition to the decor.


A Baby Carrier

Your baby can now carry their baby in style with this wearable carrier. It has comfy straps and an adjustable waistband, plus a hood in case they need to shield their doll's eyes from the sun (aw!).


A Star Wars Onesie

Star Wars parents won't be able to get enough of this Darth Vader onesie. It has a zipper up the front to make nighttime diaper changes less of a force to be with reckoned with.


A Ninja Set With A Surprise

Look, farts are always funny. The motion-activated ninjas can send a (not smelly) toot in the direction of an unsuspecting passerby, plus there's a free app that lets you create a custom noise.


The Ultimate Slime Kit

There is now unicorn slime, and this kit will teach you exactly how to make it. It has rainbow colors, sparkly glitter, and it actually looks really pretty.


A Fishing Game

The game lights up and sings, but it's really most impressive because it can help fine-tune kids motor skills in a super fun way. Use the included fishing rod to try to catch the most fish.


A Set Of Sea Creatures From A Show

There's a cool fact card tucked in with each of the eight included characters, which kids will love collecting. Fans of Octonauts will be psyched to learn more about the little creatures they see on the show each day.


A Special Way To Stay Warm

There's no cooler way to stay warm than this mermaid tail blanket. The material is soft and cozy and the website says this was hand-crocheted.


A Character Puzzle

Five Ryan's World puzzles come packaged together in a wooden box. There are two 12-piece puzzles, and three 24-piecers, and the set is recommended for ages 3 and up.


Play Sand

You may be wary of bringing sand into your house, but this sand sticks only to itself (not to you or your furniture, ideally) which makes clean up a breeze. The sand itself is wet, so it's easy to shape, and it comes with six molds.


A Watch That Plays Games

This cool learning watch has four games programmed in that feature the voices of the characters from PJ Masks. It also tells time, has an alarm and a stopwatch, plus it comes in blue for Catboy and green for Gekko.


A Face Painting Kit

Face painting isn't just for special occasions anymore with this craft kit. It comes with brushes, six paint colors, a sponge, plus a book full of clever ideas your kids will have fun mastering (probably on your face).


A True Classic

It doesn't get much more classic than an Etch-A-Sketch, but your kiddo may have never played with one before. They'll love dreaming up new drawings, and you'll love that there's no batteries required.

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