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6 Best IKEA Toddler Bed Options, Because Those Crib Days Won't Last Forever

The transition from crib to big kid bed can be emotional for everyone involved. Your little one might be afraid (or excited) to try something new, your partner could get frustrated putting the new bed together, and you're bound to shed a tear because your baby is growing up so freakin' fast. But IKEA's toddler beds can make the shift a bit easier, because at least they give you the comfort of knowing you didn't have to burn your wallet for this important milestone.

The move to a "real" bed from a crib is a significant moment in your child's development, both literally and symbolically. (Just watch this video of Chrissy Teigen moving daughter Luna into her big girl bed.) There's no exact right time to do it, though most kids move from crib to bed around 2 or 3-years-old, and there's no telling how your kid will take to the change. Some are thrilled to try out their new bed, while others might be a bit intimidated by the change.

No one can predict how their kid will take to the big kid bed phase, but making the process a bit easier by picking out a bed that looks inviting and keeps them safe can help the process to be a bit less stressful. Check out these big kid bed options from IKEA for some bedroom inspiration.