6 Must-Know Breastfeeding Organization Hacks

Breastfeeding can feel pretty disorganized. Granted, it's only you and your baby, but between all of the "essential" supplies, the leaky boobs, the spit up, and everything else that comes with breastfeeding, some days it can feel out of control. Staying organized is in the best interest of both your sanity and your milk supply, as stress has been known to cause milk levels to take a dip. Knowing a few breastfeeding organization hacks will help every mom trying to breastfeed and stay sane (which for the record, it totally possible.)

These tips are simple, and some are even intuitive. But sometimes in the rush of everyday life, the little tips that can make your life easier get lost in the haze. Staying more organized will help you enjoy the little moments nursing your baby — not spend each nursing session thinking of where you put your burp cloths and how old the milk you pumped earlier in the day is.

Breastfeeding — although sometimes stressful — shouldn't be a source of anxiety or disfunction for any family. If you sense that your schedule needs a bit of reworking, try applying a few of the following hacks to your routine, and watch as it suddenly becomes less stressful.


Have An At Home Nursing Spot

Nothing is worse than running all over your house before a nursing session with a hungry baby trying to find your nursing pads, burp cloths, or other nursing must-haves. Instead, keep them all in one spot, and nurse there every time. Buy a small tote to keep it all organized, and you won't ever forget where you put things again.


Label Your Expressed Milk Right Away

There have been many pumping session where I rushed away without labeling my milk and mixed it in with the rest of my supply , only to forget which was the newest when it came time to thaw it. The alternative is to keep a sharpie right by your freezer or milk storage bags and label it right after you're done pumping.


Try The "Soda Box Method" For Storing Milk

A piece from The Stir taught mothers how to recycle old soda boxes (or any rectangular box you have lying around) into breast milk organizers. It allows you to easily tell which milk is oldest and which milk is newest.


Keep Nursing Essentials In Your Diaper Bag

It's hard enough to stay organized at home, but what about when you're on the go? Before you head out for the day, be sure to double check that you have the essentials in your bag with you. This is coming from someone who used public restroom paper towels as nursing pads too many times to count.


Buy Clips To Remember Which Side You're On Next

If you're guilty of forgetting which side you nursed on last, investing in a few nursing clips ($3.75) will keep the confusion at bay. They're small enough to be invisible under your shirt and can easily be moved during each session.


Use An App

Since it's common knowledge that breastfeeding is a lot to keep track of, there are tons of great breastfeeding apps available for free (or super cheap) that will help you keep all of your nursing ducks in a row.