6 'Game Of Thrones' Costumes For Babies, Because Halloween Is Coming

Every parent knows that there is a very limited window of time in which you can dress up your baby or toddler without their (very strong) opinions weighing in. Chances are, by the time your little one turns 2, they'll have their own obsessions and ideas when it comes to dressing up for Halloween. But for now? They're at your disposal to be costumed as ridiculously as you'd like, and they'll be none the wiser. For Game of Thrones fans, you'll definitely want to consider some Game of Thrones costumes for your baby.

Nothing is sweeter than wrapping the most popular TV show of all time into a tiny, baby-sized package. Tiny Mother of Dragons? Adorable. Baby Jon Snow? It doesn't get any better. Plus, it adds a level of innocence to the show that it desperately lacks. There's nothing wrong with keeping Game of Thrones G-rated for baby's first Halloween

If you're dressing up as an adult version of a character from the show, there are plenty of options for dressing your baby up as your little GOT sidekick. Whether you're hoping to DIY a simple costume or go all out and buy an expensive version that rivals the real costume, these baby-sized Game of Thrones costumes are sure to give you all of the inspiration you need to pull off the parent-baby costume of the night, or to let your little one steal the show all on their own. After all, unless your little one is strangely obsessed with GOT early on, this is probably your only chance to live out your baby-sized costume dreams before they know better.


Baby Jon Snow

John Snow Costume, $90, Etsy

Jon Snow himself is one of the easiest (and, frankly, cutest) GOT characters to dress your baby as and, luckily, there are lots of ways to do it. You can buy a pre-made Jon Snow costume for ultimate accuracy, or make one yourself.

Brown Onesie, $9, Walmart | Pair of Pants, $8, Target | Fur Vest, $22, Old Navy | Brown Wig, $18, Halloween Costume | Stuffed Wolf, $11, Amazon

You'll need a black or brown onesie, a dark colored pair of pants, a fur vest or blanket, a brown wig, and of course, a stuffed wolf.


Baby Mother Of Dragons

White Dress, $16, JC Penney | Blonde Wig, $10, Target | Toy Dragon, $14, Walmart

To dress your baby as a mini-Daerneys, you'll need a white dress, a blonde wig, and her trusty toy dragon. This could be an adorable mother-daughter costume, or a solo-baby Mother of Dragons.



Dragon Costume, $33, Candy Apple Costume

If you're dressing as the (adult) Mother of Dragons, why not dress your little one as your very own dragon? The costume is warm, adorable, and almost as feisty as Daenerys' dragon.


Cersei's Firey Revenge

Gray Dress, $13, Old Navy | Toy Armor, $13, Oriental Trading | Cauldron-Esque Bucket, $9, Jet

Cersei has more than her fair share of ups and downs, but the episode where she sets fire to the Great Sept of Baelor and rises to the throne was one of her most memorable scenes. Dress your baby as the Cersei that created explosions with a gray dress, some toy armor, and a cauldron-esque bucket.


Brienne & The Bear

Pink Dress, $4, eBay | Toy Sword, $4, Oriental Trading | Stuffed Bear, $10, eBay

Although it is a quite intense scene, Brienne of Tarth is a badass character that can even a baby can pull off. To dress your little one as "The Bear and the Maiden Fair" you'll need a pink dress for your baby, a toy sword, and a stuffed bear for her to battle.


Ghost The Wolf

Wolf Costume, $40, Target | Black Pants, $10, Old Navy | Black Long Sleeve Onesie, $4, Direct Apparel Warehouse

If you or your partner is dressing as Jon Snow, dress your little one as Ghost, his wolf, with a baby-sized wolf costume. Add some black pants and a black long sleeved onesie underneath to keep their little wolf arms and legs warm.

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