6 Must-Know Hacks For Exclusive Breastfeeding

by Olivia Youngs

Although breastfeeding is deemed as "natural," it can come with it's fair share of ups and downs. Many first time moms are thrown off guard by the difficulties that come with exclusive breastfeeding. Even for moms who don't have problems with supply, latch, or engorgement, having a few hacks for exclusive breastfeeding up your sleeve can make all the difference.

When you hear the word "hack," you probably think of ways to cut your dinnertime prep in half, sneaky ways to tweak your workout to get the most out of your effort, or tricks for organizing your bathroom. But you might not be aware that there are lots of ways to "hack" your breastfeeding routine to make it as smooth and stress-free as possible too.

Sure, breastfeeding might not be as simple as preparing for a meal or doing a few squats. But, like anything, it can be made easier with advice and tricks from moms who have done it before. If you struggle to remember which side you nursed on last, you want a few quick ways to boost your supply, or you don't know how to get your baby to hold still during a feeding, these breastfeeding hacks might just solve a problem or two and make your time nursing as natural and beautiful as possible.


Use Milk Minders

At some point. almost every breastfeeding mom forgets which side she nursed on last. To make sure you never "double nurse" a side again, invest in a few "Mammary Minders" ($4) from Etsy. Or, if you want an even cheaper way to remind yourself, simply wear a bracelet or hair tie on the side you nursed on last and switch it at each feeding.


Be Sure To Practice The Deep Latch Technique

If you're struggling with getting a proper latch, nipple pain, engorgement, or any of the most common problems that come with breastfeeding, chances are switching to the deep latch technique can solve it.


Soothe Squirmy Babies With A Nursing Necklace

Kids have to eat but, unfortunately, they usually like to squirm while they're at it. If your shirt, nipple, hair, phone, and other appendages have been the subject of your child's pulling while eating, investing in a nursing necklace ($24) like this one from Etsy can give them something else to grab and give your hair a needed break.


Use An App To Keep Track Of Your Sessions

If you're looking for a simple way to synch everything from your nursing sessions to nap time to diaper changes, download one of the many apps for breastfeeding moms to keep all of your ducks in a row.


Eat Galactagogues To Boost Your Supply

According to the American Pregnancy Association, galactagogues are foods that are thought to contain nutrients that increase your milk supply. Oats, spinach, fenugreek are among a few of the galactagogues that can give your supply a little boost if you add them to your meals or snacks.


Use A Sling

Slings are the epitome of multifunctional tools for new moms. You can carry your baby hands free, breastfeed in them, use them as nursing covers or carseat covers and more. A ring sling, like this one from Baby Tula ($135) will cover all of those bases and more.