6 Last-Minute Minion Costumes For A Seriously Adorable Halloween

If I let my son pick movies, costumes, decorations, or any other themed thing, there was a time when he would always choose Minions. I think I was so familiar with Minions at that point in my life that I spoke Minionese fluently. And with Halloween on the horizon, I can only imagine how many other kids (or parents) are as obsessed with Minions as my son. So if you're looking for last minute minion costumes, you've come to the right place.

Luckily, creating a Minion costume from scratch may not be as difficult as it seems. A lot of the items you can use for your kids, babies, toddlers, or even yourself, are already sitting around your home. Props like bananas, teddy bears, and goofy string hair can be improvised easily, especially in a place with kids' toys hanging around. So the options you have before even looking outside your own home may take care of the majority of your costume already.

There are, however, several creative ways to go with this costume, depending on whether you're considering DIY, crochet, regular clothing, or full-on costume garb. Whichever route you choose this Halloween, take a minute to scroll through the best options, tutorials, and ideas for your Minion costume, big or small.


Baby Minion

With a baby minion costume, there are a couple adorable routes you can go. My personal favorite for babies is a crochet Minion costume. You can tackle a pattern on your own, like this Minion tutorial from Sabrina Sun, or you can seek out a crochet costume similar to Cassandra Jade's Crochet Baby Minion Outfit Costume ($40, Etsy) pictured above.

Another way to pursue an adorable baby Minion costume is to mix and match clothing items to create the perfect Halloween look. Find a yellow onesie like this Elowel Long Sleeve Solid Baby Unisex Onesie ($11, Amazon) to put under some baby-size overalls ($20, Old Navy). Grab some black socks or shoes like Tommy Tickle Solid Slip-Ons ($22, Kohl's) and black mittens similar to Swedette Knits Black Baby Mittens ($15, Etsy). Top off your look with a Minion beanie ($16, Etsy) to get the full, adorable effect – goggles and all.


Toddler-Style Minion Mayhem

Luckily, there are quite a few Minion costume options for toddlers. You can pursue a one-piece full Minion costume like the Toddler Minion Stuart Costume ($15, Target) pictured above or you can piece together a costume using your creativity.

If you choose to put a costume together on your own, you'll want to find a yellow shirt ($8, Kohl's), toddler-size denim suspenders or overalls like these Short Overalls ($21, Gap) and a Minion mask ($10, Party City) or hat to finish off the adorable Halloween look. Throw in some black gloves, black shoes, or a fun prop (like a banana) to get the full Minion effect.


Laidback Kid Minion

If your big kid wants to sport a low-key Minion costume this Halloween, they can do so in comfort and style. First, you'll want to locate a yellow shirt like this Relaxed Hi-Lo Scoop-Neck Tee ($13, Old Navy) with a pair of kids denim suspenders ($11-13, Amazon) and jeans ($8, Children's Place). The great thing about the costume items, so far, is that you probably have at least one of them laying around your home already. To top off the Minion look, grab a Minions hat like this One Eye Minions Beanie ($17, Spirit Halloween). You can also throw in some black gloves and shoes to stay in true Minion style. Additionally, in my opinion, the best thing about this costume is that all the clothing pieces can be used for normal outfits after Halloween (if they aren't already in your kid's closet).


All-Out Big Kid Minion Costume

If your kid really wants to take their costume over the top this year, there are some fun and unique options you can look into. If you haven't heard of a body suit, you can find one like this Kids' Skin Suit Costume in yellow to use ($30, Target). Then, grab some kids' denim overalls ($30, H&M) and hardcore Minion goggles ($10, Spirit Halloween). Don't forget about the hair with a creative do-it-yourself (DIY) option or an accessory like this Minion Headband ($4, Party City). You can also grab a banana to use as your child's signature Minion prop.


Kid-At-Heart Minion

If you want to dress up with your little ones (or on your own) as one of the minions, it's not too hard to mix and match items that create an on-point, simple Minion costume for Halloween. You'll want to locate a long-sleeve yellow shirt like this Anvil Women's Sheer Scoop Neck ($6-23, Amazon) to put underneath a pair of good old-fashioned overalls ($50, H&M). You can then pick up the signature Minion goggles ($6, Target) and a yellow beanie ($10, Walmart) to go underneath the goggles. Finish off your look with a black and grey scarf like this Gru Scarf ($15, Spirit Halloween), and you're all set to let the goofiness commence as a Minion this October.


DIY Minion Costume

If you want to stick to items you already have at home or can use to create the Minion look DIY-style, Dinah Wulf of DIY Inspired has a great last-minute Minion costume tutorial you need to check out. If you don't already have a yellow shirt and overalls handy, chances are you can locate them pretty easily through a friend or a thrift store. Some things you probably don't have, however, are a yellow hat and Minion goggles. With Wulf's tutorial, you can create the goggles (pictured below) with just a few simple items, including blind spot mirrors, a sharpie, a black headband, jar lids, glue, and black and white paper or card stock. Find out how here.

If you want to DIY the yellow, knit hat look to go underneath your goggles, check out this Beginner's Tutorial by Melanie Ham. The only tools you'll need for this beanie are a crochet hook, yellow yarn, and scissors.

Keep in mind, these DIY items can be scaled to fit any size from baby to kid to adult with some creative adjustments and resourceful thinking.

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