6 Lipsticks That Will Make You Look Like You're Actually Awake, Even If You Feel Like A Zombie Inside

The fact that you're reading this article tells me at least one thing about you: you're tired. Whether you're a mom to a sleep-resistant toddler, you're juggling school plus a fast paced job, or a mixture of it all, it doesn't take much to assume that you're probably waking up less rested than you want to be. Although the only surefire way to make you look (and feel) more awake is to actually get enough sleep, the reality many times is that your lifestyle won't allow for it. These lipsticks that will make you look like you're actually awake are some of the best kept secrets of beauty experts, makeup artists, and exhausted moms alike. I know what you're thinking but just hear me out.

Light colors that are a few shades lighter than your natural lip color are the most flattering and are bound to help give you that natural glow while will "dark colors add years to your face and draw attention to any dark circles you haven't hidden," explains makeup artist Allie Clark to Refinery29. So you may notice that most of these lipsticks steer away from deep, intense shades. Don't worry if pinks and blushes aren't your thing, there are plenty of light, bright, and cheery shades for all skin tones and color preferences.

A simple shade of lipstick may not be enough to reverse months of insufficient sleep, but by simply looking as if you're well-rested will hopefully put a little pep in your step and convince you, at least just for a moment, that you are.


Tarte's Angelic Nude

The Amazonian Butter Lipsticks ($13, Tarte) from Tarte Cosmetics are a great choice for looking refreshed because they add a bit of sheer color to your lips without being overpowering or too intense. We're all for an au naturale look.


NAR's Schiap Semi-Matte Lipstick

Glamour calls this shade one of the few shades that everyone looks good in. The Schiap semi-matte lipstick from NARS ($28, NARS) is the perfect hue for someone looking for a bright pop of color (and energy).


Gucci's Exposure

This blushy pink shade from Gucci ($40, Saks Fifth Avenue) will brighten up your lips without washing out the rest of your face.


Bite's Amuse Bouche

The safe nude for dark skin tones, Bite Beauty's Amuse Bouche ($26, Sephora) will wake up your lips in no time.


Charlotte Tilbury's Hot Lips

Here's a nude with peachy undertones. Charlotte Tilbury's Hot Lips in Super Cindy ($34, Nordstrom) adds color without adding too much pigment.


Maybelline Color Sensation

For those with naturally rosy lips, Maybelline's Color Sensation in Clay Crush ($6, Target) will add depth and bring out your natural pinks or reds.

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