6 Minions Costumes For Babies That You'll Totally Go Bananas For

Although the minions from Despicable Me (and the film's endless barrage of sequels) are technically evil henchman, they're quite possibly the cutest evil cartoon characters to grace movie screens ever. And as such, they make the perfect fodder for Halloween costumes, especially for babies. In fact, even though the thought of minions costumes for babies is obviously a great idea, I'm all for dressing all babies as minions all the time, just because it would be that cute.

To sweeten the deal, when your child is still a baby, they're basically at the mercy of your creative genius (or sense of humor) when it comes to their first Halloween costume. They may hate you for it later, but by the time they turn 2, you can say goodbye to any input you thought you'd have over their costumes.

But, even if you're less passionate about the little "yellow, pill shaped miracle workers," as Scarlet Overkill calls them in Minions (can you tell I have two toddlers? OK, good), simply dressing them as minions for Halloween, and not for the rest of their babyhood will suffice. Luckily, dressing up as the yellow guys is extremely easy. It's as affordable as it is adorable and there are plenty of minion costume ideas to choose from, whether your baby is a newborn or just about to enter toddler-dom.

Some of these costumes are as simple as picking up a pre-made suit from the store. Others require a little bit of forethought and DIY-ing. Whatever option you decide on, you can't go wrong with a minion costume for your baby's first Halloween.


Crocheted Minion

For newborns and small babies, this crocheted minion hat and diaper set ($30, Etsy) is the perfect Halloween costume that can later act as an heirloom of sorts. It's delicate, soft enough for baby skin, and even more cute than a minion from the movie. Dress your baby in a white or yellow onesie ($13, Etsy) underneath and they're ready to help end the world.


Classic Minion

For babies and toddlers, a classic, store-bought minions costume ($16, Oriental Trading) can work well for a wear-it-once-and-pass-it-on type of situation. After all, it will likely be covered in candy at the end of the night anyway. This suit comes with overalls, the hat and goggles, and the yellow undershirt.


Minion Tutu

For a fancier take on a classic minion costume, opt for a minion tutu ($43, Etsy) for your little girl's first Halloween. You only have one first Halloween, after all. If the weather will be a bit chilly, layer a black onesie ($15, Old Navy) underneath for added warmth.


Simple DIY Minion

If you get a tiny bit creative, making a minion costume with pieces you likely already have is super easy. All you need is a yellow onesie or t-shirt ($6, Walmart), a pair of baby overalls ($13, Gap Outlet), and a minion hat ($10, Target). You can also DIY the hat and goggles using this video tutorial.


Mattress Pad DIY Minion Costume

You know those old foam mattress pads you have lying around? Now, you can finally put them to good use, by turning them into minions costumes via this tutorial from Craftaholics Anonymous. This one takes a little more effort, but it can easily be adjusted to fit a baby or toddler and is perhaps the most authentic costume of them all.


Minion Romper

Although the photograph isn't of a baby, this Minion romper ($15, Trendy Halloween) comes in sizes 6 to 12 months and makes the perfect "middle ground" option between a pair of overalls and the minion tutu costume from above. Add some black tights ($2, The Children's Place) and a pair of Mary Janes ($13, Old Navy) and your little minion is ready for their first night of spooky, costumed fun.

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