6 Mosquito Repellant Wearables So You Don't Have To Carry Around Stinky Bug Spray

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In the summer months, it doesn't get much better than spending time outdoors with friends and family. Going camping, swimming, and star gazing are the absolute best once school lets out, especially if you've got some good company. But the warmer months also bring on some not-so-good company — like gnats, ticks and mosquitos. And with insect-borne diseases spreading around (ew), it's time to take action. There are actually some mosquito repellant wearables that can make it easy for you to actually enjoy the outdoors this summer.

Swatting off bugs is no fun, but coating yourself in smelly bug spray isn't fun either. I mean, what's in that stuff anyway, and should we really be putting it on our skin? Thanks to these wearable products, we won't have to. These days, companies are making all kinds of insect repellent products that won't smell up our clothes and irritate our skin. Seriously, you can even find mosquito repellent clothing and clip-ons that actually work and don't require you to put anything on your skin or force you to breathe in citronella candle smoke. All these products skip the DEET and opt for a more natural formula so you're not surrounding yourself with unnecessary toxins. You'll definitely be able to find the best one for you and your family on this list, including your pet.



This clip-on will help repel bugs by conveniently clipping on to clothing, including hats, but it can also protect your pet when it clips to their collar. You can even clip this on to your camping chair for when you're relaxing by the fire.


Anklets & Bracelets

This all-natural formula is 100 percent organic and can clip into a wrist band or anklet with ease. Plus it makes for a cute accessory.



No need to worry about bug spray or even a clip-on bracelet if you're wearing a full-on insect repellent shirt. This shirt opts for a natural repellent mixed into its fabric and its UPF 50+ so no need to worry about getting sunburn either.


Spray & Bracelet Combo

You can control how much repellent you use with these bracelets, plus they're braided leather and come in a variety of colors, so no need to sacrifice fashion either because priorities, right?


Key Chain

This is another great option, especially if you have a pet. You can easily snap one of these clips on their collar and let them enjoy the day, worry free. This brand sends you refills with 90 days of bug protection, so feel free to clip one onto your belt loop and kids' backpacks while you're at it.


Multi-Use Bracelet

These fun and stretchy bracelets can fit around wrist, ankles, and even hats. Plus they're waterproof so feel free to wear them swimming. This brand will send along some extra bug repellent patches too for good measure.

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