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These 6 Quotes From North West's First Interview Prove She's By Far The Most Interesting Kardashian

Channeling the Kennedys in a presidential, first family-inspired photoshoot, Kim Kardashian and her daughter took to the pages of Interview magazine for a feature — and this time around the reality star's 4-year-old daughter got to speak for herself. And these six quotes from North West's very first interview are pretty adorable, and show that the girl's got love for her fam first and foremost — mom, Kanye West, and baby brother Saint included.

In her big debut, North had not one but multiple interviewers asking her all about that Kardashian life. Cindy Crawford's children, Britney Spears' sons, Millie Bobbie Brown, North's cousin Penelope Disick, and who else but Andy Warhol all posed some pressing questions. The discoveries were revelatory and honestly a lot more interesting than anything on Life Of Kylie thus far.

Does this mean that, at the ripe age of 4, North is ready to take on the media circus all by herself? Should she get her own, verified Instagram account? Blue Ivy Carter may have been the youngest person on the Billboard charts, but North is starting young, too. Let's be real here: Fame and stardom are in North's family's blood, so she might as well lean into it. A magazine cover and a headlining, celebrity-infused interview are as good of a place to begin as any.

Here's why North is easily the most interesting (and most adorable) Kardashian of the bunch:

Her Favorite Song? That's Simple

When Spears' kids asked North during the interview what her favorite song is, there was no contest: "My daddy’s song 'Amazing,'" she gushed. "So amazing!" The 2008 hit is certainly an excellent choice.

On Why Having A Little Brother Is So Fun

Crawford's children needed to know: "What’s the best thing about having a little brother?" North replied: "Giving him toy trucks, and I gave him a big toy bear," according to the interview.

Saint is so lucky to have a generous sis to take care of him — even if she isn't always the biggest fan of her little brother.

Her Favorite Pizza? That's Easy

"Just Cheese! Cheese, cheese — everywhere cheese," North declared during the interview.

Is it just me, or is North easily the most relatable Kardashian family member? "Everywhere cheese" is iconic.

She's Got A Favorite Disney Princess (& Who Doesn't?)

Brown wondered during the sit-down with Interview if North (a big Disney princess fan) could pick a top princess, and North responded: "Jasmine, because I love her." Tbh, Nori, Ariel and Jasmine always tied for my favorites, too.

What's In North West's Bag? Warhol Needs To Know

Legendary pop art icon Warhol posed the fashion forward question "what do you carry in your bag?" She's a simple gal: "Toys," she answered during the interview, "and sometimes I put some makeup in there when I go to church."

Her Sweetest Answer Was Just One Word

"Who is your best friend?" Brown asked North during the interview, wondering if it was maybe her cousin Penelope whom she's seen with constantly.

"Mama," North replied — and then every mother's heart melted into mush.