6 Signs It’s Time To Transition Baby Out Of Naps

by Tessa Shull

I can honestly say that I don't know any parents who want to transition their baby out of naps. Unfortunately, little ones don't always do what their parents would like and, regardless of how bittersweet it is, they never stop aging. Part of growing up, for most kids, means cutting out naps. But sometimes figuring out the signs it's time to transition your baby out of naps can be difficult.

Although there are several sleep regressions and transition periods throughout the first months of a baby's life, they aren't the same as cutting out a child's naps altogether. Learning how to tell the difference between the two and figuring out when it's really time to cut out naps can be tricky. And if your baby seems to consistently go through sleep changes as they grow, pinpointing the signs from your baby that indicate it's time to get rid of naps can be even more difficult.

If you're curious about what to look for or think your baby may be nearing the age where nap time isn't a part of their routine anymore, it may be time to transition away from naps. Read through some of the signs below to figure out if it's time.


Your Baby Is Waking Up Too Early In The Morning

According to Mind Body Family Sleep Consulting, if your baby is waking up too early, they might be sleeping too much during the day and need to cut out naps entirely. If you notice a nap is cutting into their nighttime sleep, it may be time to transition them out of nap time and into quiet time instead.


Nap Time Is Becoming A Big Fight

According to Parents, if your baby becomes cranky come nap time, it could also be a sign nap time days are over. Although this can be a sign that your little one is fighting for independence, it could easily mean it's time to transition out of a nap, depending on how they do without that afternoon snooze.


There's No Meltdown When Your Baby Misses A Nap

It's important to take note of how your little one acts when they don't get their nap, according to a Today's Parent interview with developmental psychology professor Isabela Granic. Although fighting nap time could be your baby's cognitive capacity seeking more autonomy, if they don't seem to show signs of crankiness or aggression when missing a nap, then your little one may no longer need naps.


Your Baby Is Older Than 2 Years Old

According to Baby Sleep Site, babies generally transition to one nap between 12 and 18 months, although the age of transition can be anywhere between 2 and 5 years old. So pay attention to age if you're looking for more validation that it's time to get away from napping.


Your Baby Is Taking Longer To Fall Asleep

The aforementioned Parents article also shared that babies who take longer to nod off may be ready for the no nap transition as well. Although your little one may not fight on you laying down for a nap, if you notice they're just not falling asleep or taking a really long time to doze off, you may consider cutting naps.


You're Able To Utilize "Quiet Time" Without A Nap

If you're able to give your child the ability to relax without napping and receive no negative behavioral backlash, Today's Parent article noted that it's safe to say they might be ready to transition away from naps.