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I'm In Awe Of These Jaw-Dropping 'Killing Eve' Season 2 Theories

The cat and mouse dance between Eve and Villanelle continues with Season 2 of Killing Eve, and I have never been more stressed out in my entire life. There are plenty of stories to unravel in the upcoming season, so fans have come up with Killing Eve Season 2 theories that will keep your obsession alive until the BBC America series returns on Apr. 7. It's just a shame that some of these theories suggest that a few fan-favorite characters don't make it out in the end. Sorry, baby.

The Season 1 finale of Killing Eve left fans begging for more after Eve stabbed Villanelle in the gut and Villanelle vanished without a trace in a matter of seconds. Now that all of the Season 2 trailers have dropped, fans know that the season picks up right where the finale left off. Hopefully, this means the series will answer the many questions prompted by the first season. But, it looks like things aren't going to be any easier for the show's anti-heroines in the second season.

In an interview with InStyle, Emerald Fennell, who replaced Phoebe Waller-Bridge as lead writer of the BBC America series, revealed, “What I’m most interested in is how women win in a world where the deck is stacked against them. I think Eve and Villanelle were lucky in [Season] 1. It’s what happens when that power is diminished and you have to make something new."

With Killing Eve Season 2 vastly approaching, fans have revisited and analyzed the first season and the second season trailers to get an idea of what path Villanelle and Eve will go down in the upcoming eight episodes. While some of these fan theories might be a little out there right now, they might be shocking enough to be plausible. Just maybe don't expect a happily ever after.

Something Terrible Is Going To Happen To Niko

It's no secret that Eve and her husband, Niko, had it out at the end of the first season. However, fans pointed out that they haven't heard from Niko in some time. The general consensus? Something bad is going to happen to Niko in the show's second season. While some theorize that Niko is dead in Season 2 of Killing Eve, often citing Villanelle as the killer, others speculate that The Twelve kidnapped him instead.

Eve Becomes A Killer

When the first Season 2 trailer was released, a few more people began to ponder the possibility of Niko's death. However, it might not be at the hands of Villanelle. Instead, Reddit user miller_kaz theorized that Eve could kill Niko after seeing Eve holding a kitchen knife as Villanelle told a man, who eerily sounded like Niko, that she was going to stab him.

"I don't think Eve is capable of murdering an innocent person," the fan wrote. "But to be fair she did very nonchalantly tell Niko the elaborate way she murder him and flush his remains down the toilet. And that was way before she ever stabbed anyone."

Eve & Villanelle Will Remain Completely Obsessed With Each Other

While I'm pretty sure this is less of a theory and more of an insightful look at Villanelle and Eve's relationship, Reddit user insanely_mediocre explained a proposal theme that has been planted in the Season 2 trailer.

"You gotta love the way they are associating Eve stabbing Villanelle with a marriage proposal," the Redditor wrote. "Her ring finger covered in blood, a couple doing a proposal right next to her as she's talking about it. Like cementing that what she did ensures the two of them are going to be completely obsessed with each other forever. Or at least until one of them is dead. It's certainly a unique take on 'til death do us part." Genius.

Eve & Villanelle Will Go Rogue... Together

As history knows, the enemy of my enemy is my friend. Will the same go Eve and Villanelle? Reddit user byronwindstrom speculated that the two women would defect from their respective organizations and then join forces, explaining that sometime in Season 2, "Eve and Villanelle with both go completely rogue ... and end up fighting their mutual enemies, the people who tried to discard of them both, together."

Villanelle Can't Kill Eve

In a thread that asked fans what they think will happen in Season 2, Reddit user cattagatta wondered if the second season would parallel the Season 1 finale for "the sake of symmetry." The Redditor explained that the Killing Eve Season 2 finale could end with "Villanelle about to kill Eve... but for the first time in her life, she finds herself unable to do it (when ordinary, goody-shoes Eve actually did stab her)."

The user also wrote that this would ultimately add to the moral grayness that the show is trying to portray. "It would show them more as grey characters, instead of black/white, one good, the other completely evil."

Konstantin Isn't Dead

Is Konstantin dead? Fans have been asking this question since the end of Killing Eve Season 1. However, it looks like fans aren't buying the death of this major player. Redditor emm408 pointed out that Konstantin died off camera, which probably means that he isn't dead. This is Killing Eve, a show about murdering people, after all. Another fan, BrtGP, then added that the shot didn't look deadly, as he reached for his abdominal area.

Whatever really happens, I hope that some of these fan theories are addressed in Season 2. But, we're going to have to hold on tight and see when Killing Eve returns to BBC America on Apr. 7.