Connie Liou

Connie Liou is a TV writer at Romper, where she covers anything from big dramas like The Handmaid’s Tale and This Is Us to guilty pleasures like Vanderpump Rules and The Real Housewives franchise. To avoid major FOMO, she keeps a close eye on trending TV, ranging from the latest Netflix series to new shows on major networks. She also enjoys diving into wild fan theories and writing about diverse representations within the entertainment industry. Connie’s background is — for lack of a better word — unique. After unintentionally auditioning for the role of a real-life Hamlet, she earned her bachelor’s degree in biology from the University of Missouri. However, her passion for storytelling propelled her to pursue a career in journalism. Connie’s work can also be found on When Connie isn’t writing, you can probably find her learning the choreography to BTS’ ‘Serendipity,’ scouring Southern California for the best Taiwanese beef noodle soup, or petting a stranger’s dog. You can follow her on Twitter at @lioucconnie or on Instagram at @liouconnie.