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All The Times 4-Year-Old Princess Charlotte Has Proven That She's A Fearless Boss

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It is my personal opinion that every family needs a born leader. A person who is always going to take charge and tell it like it is no matter what. Sure, it's tough being this person and it can also be tough hanging around the de facto boss of the family, but I figure someone has to do it or else things just don't get done. Also as the self-appointed boss of my family, I can tell you this is a role that often falls into the hands of sisters. Like Princess Charlotte, for instance. We've seen at least six times Princess Charlotte has bossed her big brother Prince George and others around, and that's saying a lot since she's only 4 years old. I have high hopes for her leadership abilities, even if I do worry about poor little Prince Louis as he gets old; at least Prince George is the older brother.

The only daughter of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, Prince William and Kate Middleton, is sandwiched in between her two brothers, 5-year-old Prince George and 1-year-old Prince Louis. But if you're worried that this spirited little mite is suffering from a serious case of middle-child syndrome, I would rest easy.

Not only does 4-year-old Princess Charlotte appear to have personality to spare, she also seems to be able to hold her own with her older brother, who is third in line to become King. And here are six times she proved just that.

When She Told George To Pick Up The Pace

Over the weekend, Kate Middleton shared her "Back to Nature" garden experience she designed for the Chelsea Flower Show with her three children and her husband, Prince William. It was a gorgeous garden with a swing, a pond, and even a little cave, and her kids were clearly really enjoying it. Perhaps Princess Charlotte especially; in a video, she could be heard exclaiming "Oh la la!" over the flowers, running around barefoot, and generally having a great time.

But that didn't mean she was taking the day off keeping her big brother in line. As reported by People, when Prince George was being pushed on the swing by their father Princess Charlotte was yelling "Quicker, George! Quicker!"

I mean... someone had to say it, right?

When The Queen Revealed Who Runs The Show

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When the Queen of England herself calls you bossy, you know you're bossy. Back in January 2018, Princess Charlotte's great-grandmother (and longest reigning monarch in the history of the planet, according to TIME) Queen Elizabeth II was speaking to a mother of two at a royal engagement at Sandringham Estate, as Marie Claire reported.

When she asked the 10-year-old daughter if she helped take care of her little sister, her mother said "It's the other way around." And, according to Marie Claire, Queen Elizabeth replied, "It's the same with Charlotte and George."

When She Showed Off Her Wedding Coordinator Skills

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When Princess Charlotte's uncle Prince Harry married Meghan Markle last May, the couple decided to go the traditional British route of having children in the wedding party rather than adult friends. This could become a nightmare, of course, but luckily Princess Charlotte was on hand to keep everyone well organized.

A royal wedding guest told People at the time that Princess Charlotte was heard scolding a fellow bridesmaid who wanted to leave, "There was one girl who wanted to go and she said, ‘No you can’t go yet. We have to wait until we are asked.’"

I can just picture Prince George heaving a sigh of relief in the background, glad it was someone other than him for once.

When Kate Middleton Said She's "The One In Charge"

Kate Middleton is clearly an involved, loving mother who encourages each of her children to be their own person. But that doesn't mean she's blind to Princess Charlotte's more assertive tendencies.

As far back as 2017, Middleton admitted during a royal chat with a fellow mom that her daughter was "the one in charge" of her big brother, as reported by ELLE. But Middleton also reportedly said the two have become good friends, so clearly he doesn't mind before anyone starts judging Princess Charlotte.

When We Learned She's Not Afraid Of A Little "Rough & Tumble"

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While Princess Charlotte might be a bit bossy, there's a plus side to all of that assertive energy. A royal source told Us Weekly last January that the little girl loves to chase her brother around and isn't afraid of getting a skinned knee or two.

"They still like a bit of rough and tumble. She’s not afraid of a grazed knee and it’s most certainly not going to stop her from running around the corridors…," the source told Us Weekly. "Charlotte’s always got her eye on something and she moves at the speed of life!"

All of this seems to mean she's tough... and who doesn't love a tough kid?

When She Put Photographers In Their Place

If Princess Charlotte isn't afraid of bossing around a future king, you can imagine she's pretty comfortable telling the rest of us what to do. Like that time last July, as Town & Country reported, when she and the rest of the royal family were heading to baby Prince Louis' christening. She looked photographers and reporters dead in the eye outside St. George's Chapel and let them know, "You're not coming."

They laughed, we all thought she was adorable. But that look in her eye said one thing and one thing only.

I am the boss, and you're not coming.

She's fearless, that one. I love it.

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