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6 Surprising Personality Traits That Predict You'll Be A Good Mom

If you're pregnant or just daydreaming about what the future may hold, it's normal to wonder what kind of parent you'll be. Since crystal balls only seem to work in the movies, people tend to rely on physical or behavioral characteristics to predict whether or not someone will be a successful parent. Aside from the stereotypical traits of motherhood, like being sensitive or having "child-bearing hips" (whatever the heck that means), plenty of other quirks factor in to your potential parenting style. That's why you may be surprised to learn about the types of weird things that predict you’d be a good mom.

Before I had my son, I used to see certain personality traits in myself as flaws. But now, as a parent, I've discovered that my love of cartoons and my spontaneous nature have helped me be a better mother than I ever thought possible. So don't be too quick to misjudge whatever unusual habits or idiosyncrasies you have.

Though there's not a universal recipe for how to be a perfect parent, you can come pretty close to anticipating how successful you might be if you recognize some of the traits below in yourself. So check out these weird things that predict you'd be a good mom.


You're Selfish

"One weird thing that predicts you'll be a good mom is being 'selfish,'" Kate Orson, a certified parenting instructor, tells Romper. "When parents let themselves get run down and over-stressed they may end up snapping and taking it out on their children." That's why making sure that you take care of yourself is crucial to successfully being able to take care of others. It's like that old airplane air mask analogy — it may be a cliche, but it's absolutely true that sometimes you have to take care of yourself before you can take care of anyone else.


You're "All Over The Place"

Licensed counselor Michelle Puster tells Romper that being impatient and always on the go indicate you'd be a good mom. "My motor that rarely turns off has allowed me to have the energy I need to have lots of creative fun with my kids," she says. Having boundless energy, and a capacity for moving from thing to thing, is a real plus when children are involved.


You Talk To Yourself

"You may see someone talking to themselves and think they are weird," psychologist Dr. Judith M. Thorne tells Romper. "[Self-talk] can be very helpful to your overall state of mind and mood." Saying what you're doing out loud not only helps you keep things straight, but it can also show your child how to problem solve, according to Thorne.


You Don't Really Care How Things 'Look'

Orson tells Romper that not caring about appearances is a personality trait that's common in good parents. "You'll be relaxed rather than rushing around trying to do everything, feeling exhausted and overwhelmed," she explains. Not holding yourself to impossible standards of perfection puts you ahead of the game.


You're Messy

Puster says that not being a perfectionist is actually a good thing when it comes to parenting. "You usually won't lose patience with the kids when they have made another huge mess." You don't sweat the small stuff, and that's key to being a great parent who can enjoy being with your kids, mess and all.


You Stay Up Late

"If you already tend to be a night owl, then you are on the right track toward healthy, maternal 'insomnia,'" psychiatrist Dr. Gabrielle I. Farkas tells Romper. If running on little to no sleep is your norm, then you likely won't have a difficult time adjusting to parenthood.

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