60 Best-Selling Products On Amazon Prime That Are Weird AF But Will Change Your Life

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Being labeled weird can be a very good thing — especially when you're talking about innovative products that can change the way you cook, clean, or style your hair. These best-selling products on Amazon Prime that are weird AF include gadgets and tools you've probably never thought twice about owning — or, even more likely, never dreamed existed. But once you get a sense of how easy and fun they make life, you'll never want to be without them again.

You could purchase a traditional frying pan for making eggs. But when you add a sprinkle of weirdness to the design, you end up with items like an electric egg cooker or egg roller, both of which whip up perfect eggs and egg roll treats in just minutes — and without any guesswork involved on your part.

The same weirdness rule applies to innovative hair tools, like a curling iron that takes in strands of your hair and spits out flawless spiral curls without much effort on your part. Or a thawing tray — an odd kitchen product that magically defrosts frozen meat and ingredients in minutes.

Sometimes the only thing to do is be grateful that a product is so amazingly weird — and then snatch it up fast so that it can change your life.

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